Monday, August 13, 2012

Introducing Son of Stephen King

Maybe I’m just late on finding out the news, or maybe I knew all along and didn’t want to say anything because I’m a jerk sometimes, but did you know that Stephen King had a literary son? Well, physically too, Stephen King has a son that is also a writer. However, instead of resting on his father’s name, he used a pen name to write his books and before you know it, the media is out and everyone knows.

If you aren’t familiar with the name Joe Hill, well you better get yourself familiar with his work. He is the biological son of Stephen King and his long time wife, and they raised quite the chip off the old macabre block. Other than his work on the comic book series “Locke & Key”, Hill wrote 3 acclaimed horror novels, and is working on another to be released in 2013.

I thought with all the Stephen King stuff I was writing lately, I might as well mentioned junior. The following are two novels that you should pick up today, and support this blog by doing some shopping.

joe hill

Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill $10.19 Click here – This book haunts all the rockers that dare to read it. The premise of an aging rock star and his final collection piece, the dead man’s suit with the spirit of that which it belonged to, much like you might find in these modern times online. The premise sets up a nice haunting story that is deep in macabre after a set up that is not too unlike what you might consider someone like Rob Zombie to be. However, this doesn’t just sit well on the laurels of his father, he punches you in the gut late in the game and makes you understand that Joe Hill is all on his own and the taste of horror is not just subtle, it’s blatantly obvious.


Horns by Joe Hill $10.40 Click here – What if you had one of the wildest nights ever, and woke up with horns? What would you do? That’s the premise of this third novel from Joe Hill in which a man wakes up from debauchery and has to deal with what is going on in and outside of his head. A rare mix of comedy and horror makes this a romp worth checking out.

I know, this site is “Scary Film” review, but I thought it was appropriate to talk about Joe Hill for a moment before I got back on the movie train. I would like to ask anyone that uses amazon to patronize our links so that I can continue to pay for the lights to be on, and what not. If not, that’s ok, I’ll make it somehow.

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  1. King actually has two songs who are published authors: Joe Hill is the best-known of the two, but Owen King has a short story collection ("We're All In This Together") out, as well as an anthology he edited of new superhero stories ("Who Can Save Us Now?"). His first novel comes out in 2013.

    He's not a horror writer, like Joe Hill, but he's pretty dang good.

    Both of Hill's novels are awesome, as is his short story collection ("20th Century Ghosts") and his comic book series ("Locke & Key").


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