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Top 5 Stephen King Movie Adaptations to Watch Again

They call him the master of horror for a reason, he is the most prolific American horror writer in history and he continues to put out classics each time he settles in for a writing session. While many people will argue that his recent works aren’t as good as some of the classics, it is fun to read and watch the stuff that has come out of his brain and delivered from the hands of others. In this list, I’m going to give you a top 5 of Stephen King Movie adaptations that I feel are the best ones. There’s a ton to sift through, but I’m comfortable with this top 5.

pet semetary

#5 Pet Semetary – The concept of bringing back your dead son at all costs, is a notion that pulls at the heart strings of all parents. I’m not a parent, but I know some that have lost their children due to illness, or miscarriage or even as teenagers, and it’s just a sad state. There are no words to comfort them, and all you can do is stand by. Well, in this movie, that is not good enough, and we get treated to what happens when the dead come back, even if it’s a child! This creepy adaptation works on many levels, especially if you lose yourself in the premise, and are a parent. They made a sequel, but this initial romp is an instant favorite. You can always read the novel if you really want to get into t he story more, but the film is adequate in my view.

#4 The Mist – Thomas Jane puts on one hell of a role here, and the story is so bleak, so terrifying that it certainly deserves a moment in the spotlight of my list. The Mist is about a town that is covered in a deep haze and there is something happening that is killing people. We don’t see all of the evil, but we see how humanity always turns into a sinister and godless place. The ending is so bleak that many people think the movie should have an alternative, happy ending, but no can do boss; this one ends with a…well…bang.


#3 The Dead Zone – This movie starring Christopher Walken really pushes you to the limits, and it’s quite good. A man sees the future by touching others and he sees that there is going to be an assassination attempt on a big time official, so the main character must try to stop it…or does he? This awesome look into what being able to tell the future is like really sits well with me, as I’m not exactly thrilled with the notion of being able to find out what happens next.


#2 The Shawshank Redemption – Ok, this is not a horror movie, but hear me out. There are some scary moments, specifically in the heat of passion where you are caught up and subsequently put into prison. Prison is no joke, as you might know, and this film really plays on the mind in such a way that you only get hope at the end of the film. All the things leading up to it is just savage, specifically the escape.


#1 Misery – I read this book on my first trip to Alaska and it blew me away. The book is sinister enough, but the movie just blew everyone away. One of the hardest things to watch, to this day, is the scene where James Caan gets his ankles blown away with a sledgehammer. This tedious thriller is seriously scary, especially for those that aspire to be great writers, entertainers, or even bloggers. What if your #1 fan trapped you? That’s the premise that we get to run with in this one and it works on so many levels it, well, hurts.

There you go, 5 of the better ones. There's been a lot of crap adapted from the works of Stephen King, which is why lists like these are necessary, if you ask me.

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  1. I would switch out Shawshank Redemption with IT but otherwise I agree. C'mon, Tim Curry as a clown??? Only movie he's better as a creepy otherworl villain in is Legend.


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