Friday, August 17, 2012

5 Horror Collectibles From Hell to Your Door

On this glorious Friday, I wanted to talk about some awesome adult horror collectibles that will have you thinking twice. I for one am a big fan of collectibles and have a cool shelf with a few of my favorites. I have the Saw puppet and Kevin Smith in full Silent Bob persona watching me post all the stupid blog posts that you are probably tired of seeing. The following are not for children, as they are more realistic, and not action figures. I ask this much, if you like any of them, click the links and purchase them from, as they are my current sponsors, of sorts.

I can’t promise that the following horror collectibles will be worth a fortune for you to flip, but they will make your house so much more awesome than it is now.


The Simpsons Evil Krusty Talking Doll $149 Buy It Here – The Simpsons Evil Krusty doll is one of the more famous pieces from the “Treehouse of Horror” episodes of the Simpsons. If you don’t remember the episode, it’s the one where a krusty doll attacks homer and nearly kills him, until someone discovers that you have to set the doll to good instead of evil. Once set for good, Homer takes advantage of the doll and it becomes like the monkey butler that we saw several years prior. I think. Either way, this talking Evil Krusty doll is a classic horror piece to add to your collection and freak out your loved ones when they least expect it.


Michael Meyers Halloween 18” Action Figure $160 Buy It Here – This limited edition action figure is 18” tall and from the Halloween series. This one has fine points of articulation, full mask, and a knife that’s ready to strike fear in anyone that doesn’t escape his killing path. This is not your average figure, and it shows in the details once you get it in your grubby hands.


Chucky 14” Doll $149 Buy It Here – This ultra realistic doll has been made for posing just about anywhere and he is dressed in his good guy clothing. Add a knife and this one is still capturing the nightmares that Child’s Play originally sent when you first saw it. The points of articulation are quite nice, the joints in the arms, shoulders and hips means that this is the ultimate poseable doll to scare the children on Halloween or to sit and watch you type in the darkness.


Jason Voorhees Limited Edition 1 of 400 Crystal Lake Terror Collectible $699 Buy It Here – If you have serious money to spend, this is your ticket to something unique. Only 400 of these were made and most have sold out wherever they have been displayed at. You can still get a couple that amazon is selling, but they won’t last too long. This features Jason in all his glory fully casted in sculpture on a pile of death with machete in hand. This statue is insanely articulate and will rival any other collectible you might have in your home right now.


Freddy Krueger 18” Talking Action Figure $149 Buy It Here – Last, but certainly not least, this action figure of Freddy Krueger is the perfect combination of collectible and fully functioning evil villain. The articulation of Freddy’s face, hands, glove, and attire are fully rendered like the movies, and you’ll be delighted with the voice work as well. Combine this with the other 18” figures above and you have yourself a crew of evil that will reign over all your collection.

No matter what type of fan you are, investing in horror collectibles can be quite fun and rewarding. Take time to check out what’s available online via the amazon links and see if you can’t find something worth buying today. You can always take pics and I’ll post them up here, or you post them on your blog, I don’t know, I’m tired.

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  1. I wonder if they ever did a Penelope Sudrow doll ?, i still really fancy that bird.


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