Thursday, August 9, 2012

5 Favorite Episodes of Tales From The Crypt Season 2

When it comes to horror on television, you can definitely include Tales from the Crypt as one of the standout shows. The HBO series really put things into perspective with a long run of stellar 30-minute shows, and of course spinoff movies that featured all the things you’d expect from the macabre. I recently sat down and watched Season 2 and wanted to highlight my 5 favorite episodes from that season, which included guest starts like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Demi Moore, and many others. So here you go, 5 favorites from season 2!

#5 The Ventriloquist’s Dummy – In this awesome episode you get a stellar performance from Don Rickles. Not only is he himself in many ways, he transcends his comic styling by acting really well. We see a washed up comedian and entertainer, idolized by a youngster and the reveal ending that will have you laughing, crying, and probably freaked out. The young child in the beginning of the story turns out to be none other than Bobcat Goldwait and he pulls in one hell of a performance here. He can really act, making this episode one of the better ones, even if the premise of the dummy being a Siamese twin is a bit much. I loved this one, especially with the one-liners that probably didn’t appear in the script from Rickles.

#4 Judy, You’re Not Yourself Today – Carol Kane is so dreamy, I love her acting, and well, she’s hot too. Either way, in this episode a door-to-door saleswoman changes places with our main character, turning her into a class A bitch. However, in the course of the show several changes have to be made back and forth and in the end the Husband must shoot/kill the fake one…but the moral of the story is something more along the lines of gun control than anything else…you’ll see. Did I mention Carol Kane is hot?

#3 Four-Sided Triangle – Patricia Arquette makes a stunning role here as a farmhand where she is nearly raped, then falls in love with a scarecrow. An old pervert figures this out and then tries his luck at sleeping with the young lady, only to get a fork full from his wife. A very interesting, yet odd story that played well in the end for everyone involved.

#2 Fitting Punishment – This story tells a creepy tale of child abuse gone wrong. A funeral director punishes his new-orphaned grandson and cripples him. Then he wants to get rid of him so he does that too, only to get a return from the grave in a nightmare world where the punishment truly does fit the crime. This all African American cast really puts a great show on, and I loved the ending, even if continuity has to go out the window. This is by far one of the better episodes of the show ever!

#1 For Cryin’ Out Loud – First and foremost Katey Sagal is hot, wow! A crooked rock promoter wants to get away with a lot of money, but is trapped by a seductress. However, he finds a way to knock her out, and run, but his conscience won’t let him. His conscience is none other than, SAM KINISON! OHHHHH OHHH OHHHH!!!!! Sam drives our protagonist crazy until he finally goes to the electric chair. Sam Kinison makes this a great episode, and the expressions of our crook are priceless in comparison.

There you go, 5 great episodes from Season 2 of Tales from the Crypt. Personally, this season is probably the best there is of the show, but that’s just one humble idiot’s opinion.

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