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Friday The 13th 4: The Final Chapter Review

friday the 13th 4

The year was 1984 and your writer (Me) was only a year old when this movie came out. This was titled the final chapter and it was the fourth film in the franchise slasher series, and guess what? It wasn't! No one really cares, but this movie did so well that the Paramount Pictures crew couldn't stop themselves from cashing in one more time, but until I review the fifth film, I'm going to talk about this one. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter stars some heavy hitters in mainstream 80's cinema. The film starred Kimberly Beck, Erich Anderson and Corey Feldman, yes that Corey Feldman.

The movie once again goes back to the Crystal Lake area and is interesting to note. The plot revolves around Jason heading to the morgue and guess what? He's not dead, so he immediately stars killing on his way back to the lake. The plot moves forward to showcase another set of idiot kids trying to find some good times out by the Crystal Lake area. This of course doesn't bode well for them and as Jason predictably moves forward, he starts to kill off so many different people.

You've seen this plot recycled so many times, and there's nothing that I can say to revamp what you see on screen. There is gratuitous sex, there is violence, there is more gore, and some interesting points of view. There is a great deal of gore compared to the other three films, and it's surprising. Somehow the censors didn't have a problem with this version of the film and you get to see a great deal of entertainment.

Sure, just like a FPS game this movie is on rails and you just watch a feast of blood, then you get the ending. I like the ending, Jason gets mopped up by Corey Feldman's character and he hacks away at Jason and we assume he's dead, until he comes back to life in another film.

As an entertainment value, this movie is good. I like it. I think that it's a good step in the series, although I don't hold it in a higher regard than it already is. You've already seen this movie several times in different incarnations, so therefore, you won't be surprised by anything that happens. That's not to say that you should watch it, it's just going to fail to impress those that already like the film, and isn't going to win anyone over. The funny thing is, after watching this film, I went back to playing the Nintendo 8-Bit game. I love it. If you haven't seen Friday the 13th 4 you should check it out, it's awesome.

friday the 13th 4


I was looking through some memorabilia related to Jason, and I found 2 amazing things I had to share.

jason vorhees

First and foremost, this sick Friday the 13th Jason Voorhees life size Animated PROP! YES, I kid you not! This is a 77 inch animated figure and once you press the start button he starts moving! This thing is sick, and plugs in, and if you have a haunted house or something, you're going to want to get this one. It's priced at $370 but it's well worth it.

friday the 13th toy

The second is another action figure, but not just any action figure, this Mezco Toyz Cinema of Fear toy is very detailed and sick looking. It's 7 inches tall and it's directly from this film, it looks awesome and it's not cheap. Priced at $329, it's for die hard fans.

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