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Top 5 Horror Television Shows

There are a great deal of horror television anthologies that have come across my television from time to time, and I wanted to look at the best ones. Thanks to dvd and blu ray we have a great deal of options in regards to the best Horror television programs from today and yesterday. The following is a list that I considered after a lot of debate between myself and well, myself.

I really can't express enough how crappy my television watching was as a kid. My television set weighed like 300 pounds, and it was encased in a wooden box. The wooden box had a knob you would turn to get up to 30 channels of terrible over the air television. The color palette was really green, no matter how much you tried to contrast and change the colors.

Move forward to the modern times, and I still don't have a nice television. I still have a tube television not a flat panel or flat screen or thin screen or anything. I have a tube tv that weighs a ton. I bought it for $150 at Fred Meyer's when I was in Seattle. I guess today, most people have an LCD Flat Panel or a Plasma TV or something, and for those of you that know me or want to know me, understand that I do not have these luxuries.

Here they are the Scary Film Reviews Top 5 Horror Television Shows of all time:

outer limits

1. The Outer Limits Season One (1995) - The first season of HBO's remake of this horror/science fiction program is quite good. Sure they are all good, but the first season really knocked it out of the park, and I think it's only proper that it takes the number one spot. This will probably get a lot of jeers, but HBO really had something on their hands. I didn't get to see this often, since I didn't get cable until I was in college, but looking back at it now, proves that the show has legs.

night gallery 2

2. Night Gallery Season Two - Rod Serling's Night Gallery really started moving forward in the second season. The first season was ok, it got rather boring at times, but it picked up steam in the second season with some brilliant twists and turns. There was an increase in the production value and Serling's introductions got more and more creepy.

twilight zone

3. The Twilight Zone - I most recently re watched Season 2, so I'm going to say that it's a strong contender for one of the greatest. However, there is a great deal of seasons to this one, and even a remake. While the remake was lame, and the movies were ok, the original show had a great deal of twists and turns alongside some great acting from A list stars, starting out their careers. If you haven't gone back and watched this classic black and white show, you're missing out, because it's really that good.

the hitchhiker

4. The Hitchhiker - One of the cooler shows that I discovered 2 years ago when I last had a job and a good income, was this HBO classic. This horror anthology series was first featured on HBO and it's scary and horrific, but also filled with some nice dramatic turns. The show is tied together with a hitchhiker and each story is like the others in this list, and quite good overall. The stories are hit or miss, but always entertaining.

freddys nightmare

5. Freddy's Nightmares - Freddy's Nightmares is one of those shows that you probably didn't see because it's not available on dvd in the United States. The Uk gets the show on dvd, but not here. But I have vhs tapes of Freddy's Nightmares and boy it's rad. It's a bit campy at times, and it is obvious that the show was a bit tongue and cheek, but it's worth while and one of the better horror anthology shows to come out over the years.

It's interesting to note, there are a great deal of horror anthology movies, television shows and so much more. I could easily have a long winded list, but alas, this is my top 5 for now.

If you have other ideas, anything at all, feel free to shoot me a comment, or an email. These are just some of the horror television shows that I enjoyed growing up. I like other shows too, but when I sat down to flesh them out in a top 5 list, these are the ones that came to mind. Sure, there are a ton of other shows, including several sci-fi mystery shows that could've gotten top billing, but I guess I didn't really think about them.

Other honorable horror anthology television shows include, The Outer Limits Original Series, Tales From The Crypt, Friday the 13th The Series, Are You Afraid of the Dark, and Goosebumps, just to name a few.


  1. Sir Jorge - Have you ever seen the episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark entitled The Tale of the Dead Man's Float? It's later in the seasons but it was probably the scariest episode I've seen from the show.

  2. oh yeah, i've seen it, and wish i could get the whole series on dvd in one solid box set. the show was getting way more scary as I got older, or maybe I realized the brevity of the stories

  3. I wish they had that too, much more convenient then buying six or seven seasons. It defiantly got scarier, I remember a few parents forbidding their children from watching the show after that episode.

  4. it's probably why it got canceled, or rather, nickelodeon was moving toward different programming...i haven't seen the channel in a long time (as I'm broke and have no way of getting cable), but I'm sure it's not anything like it was when I was a kid


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