Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Black Devil Doll Review

Black devil doll

I've been waiting a long time to get my grubby paws on this independent film. The movie is called "Black Devil Doll" and it's a loose remake of the original "BLack Devil Doll" from long ago. This is a near pornographic remake, as it is not straying away from anything taboo at all. It's a celebration of all things horror, comedy, nudity and so much more.

The animation is hilarious, and really worth the price of admission on this one. This 2007 film is an insane movie with lots of low brow humor, and high brow action. No, I kid, there's no high brow anything in this film. This is an exploitation film at all levels, and it's really a shame more people aren't either making films like this, or are promoting films of this caliber. The film, although made in 2007, would be something that the 70's and 80's would produce for the grindhouse circuit, and at times is much harsher than anything that those years produced.

The film really pushes the envelope of what is not necessarily pornography, because the sex is ramped up, and the nudity is more than anything I've seen in other independent films. I can't believe the makers got away with the amount of nudity in this film. I found it to be hilarious on many levels, and found it somewhat entertaining too.

The story?

The story throws together an interesting twist with Mumia, and his death...or future death. The movie throws middle fingers to political correctness and so much more. The movie is simply about hot women getting chased by a devil doll after they play with a Ouija board. It's that simple.

Is Black Devil Doll scary? : NO.

This movie is not scary. It's not even close to being scary. It does have graphic violence, gore, and lots of nudity. This film is a few notches below porno, and it's funny to see it in this light. I found it entertaining, hilarious, and full of decent home grown gore effects.

Black Devil Doll is NOT for everyone. It is on the far left corner of the horror genre simply because of the amount of caution thrown away. The makers aren't even trying to get an R rating, they basically throw that notion out the window, and the beginning animations do a good job of illustrating that. If you're open minded, if you're not offended easily, and like horror/sex comedies, you're going to enjoy this one. I liked it, and my wife even liked it, so maybe it's a good marriage counselor....or not.

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