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From The Mail Bag Late January 2010 Edition

I'm back in action, if you didn't notice, and I'm already flooded with things to do. In personal news, I closed down 16 of my blogs and am only working on a solid 3 sites. I still don't have a job, despite applying to every posting I could find in my area, and I'm dead broke. I don't know how I'm paying rent or living right now, but I'm barely scraping by.

Here's the latest and greatest comments and replies from the last few days or so...thanks again for anyone that commented, emailed, and supported this site, I'm extremely thankful to everyone of you...all 4 of you readers out there. Thank you. I hope to hear from you again soon.

tarquin fortiscue hetherington (esquire, as it were) formerly of her majestys grenadier guards said in regards to my post "The Scariest Place on Earth":

Sir Jorge always remember that no matter how hideous and loathsome Disneyworld may be its still 1000 times better than London

Dangit! I really wanted to visit London someday. And now? I'll have to settle for having some bad image of it thanks to you. Disneyworld was ok, but come on, better than London? But you have the show SKINS and um....Sex Pistols? I give up.

tarquin fortiscue hetherington (esquire, as it were) formerly of her majestys grenadier guards said in regards to my post Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus Review:

Sir Jorge, no matter how bad "Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus" may or may not be always remember that its still 1000 times better by itself than everything that has ever been produced by the British film industry put together over the last 121 years, just think about that for a moment, the British film industry is an abomination that must be destroyed with malice-a-fore-thought and extreme prejudice where-as American films will never let you down even at their absolute worst, dont you ever forget that Sir Jorge EVER!!!.

Was Hammer Horror British? Because if they were you're dead wrong. If not...well then you're right and I'm wrong. I'm scared of you man, you're really pushing the buttons over here....just kidding. This film sucked so bad dude, it seriously was terrible. It is amateur hour, to say the least.

Anonymous left a comment on my post "Silent Night Bloody Night Review":

I'm afraid I disagree w/you, Sir Jorge. SNBN was quite influential, predating 1974's "Black Christmas," a slasher classic, and 1979's "When a Stranger Calls" and the killer-in-the-house-on-phone schtick by nearly a decade, and was first in the graphic blood and gore dept and killer's point-of-view shots, too. The film has been treated badly, and it sounds as if you might have seen a bad print. They are everywhere, and a true uncut print may no longer exist. A guy had a Website devoted to SNBN before he found religion, and he listed all the different VHS releasing co's that had different versions. One VHS print I saw was missing a very bloodthirsty bedroom scene (I saw this in a trailer as a kid and had nightmares for years). Other scenes seem to have been cut badly. I don't remember the version shown on YouTube, but much of the violence seems to have been cut. The movie seems to have been a precursor for "Friday the 13th" and its ilk, but you'd hardly know it as it's pretty anemic! I could explain the plot if you're unsure of it. I just saw it on DVD about a year ago, and it was pretty good. From your review you sound pretty young (I'm 42, and I guess you're 30 or younger). That's not a bad thing! Keep in mind that SNBN was typical of horror movies of its day (low budget, not-so-great lighting). Horror movies didn't have the big budgets of today, the pacing of films was slower, and movies weren't as graphic. These movies made oodles of money. Ever see the original "Last House on the Left"? It played for 15 years and made $55M (it cost $90K to make). The studios took notice and made big budgeted movies that used to play drive-ins and today we have "Die Hard" and the like and no one remembers how they started.

SNBN was made for drive-ins, not art houses, and it really did tie up its loose ends. The sepia imagery was for events that had happened in the past. Keep in mind that movies like this were made by filmmakers w/o much money, and the sepia imagery kept costs down and enabled them to tell their story....

I'd be happy to fill you in on the plot details if you email me. I won't spam you I promise!

One of the best comments I've gotten in a long time, and it was a wake up call. I had a few emails back and forth with Glenn Allen, and it was definitely an interesting one. In regards to this comment, I already fleshed it out in email format. He brings up a lot of great points, and it's true, the film deserves a second and maybe third chance.

Anonymous said in regards to my post "Jack Frost Review":

it was a funny slasher flick i liked it mainly because it had a sick twisted humor i love.

If you liked this one, you'll love "Black Devil Doll" it had a similar streak only far more nudity. Jack Frost 2 is on my radar for next year's holiday of horrors, that's for sure.

That's it for the comments and replies that I've received in the past 30 some odd days. I encourage everyone to leave comments, recommendations and news here or via my email. I have a few more reviews to write and upload in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Oh, and I've added a Donate button to the site on the right hand side. If you want to donate please do so via paypal. If not, please visit our links and buy a few movies so that I can get a dot com and continue to write bad reviews about good movies.

In other notes, I have a guest writer coming in for a review or two so don't be surprised when that comes through the pipeline. I also will be giving away movies! That's right, you can win dvd's, and it will be tied to comments and posts. Stay tuned for that in the near future.

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