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REWIND: Top 3 Camp Camp Horror Movies

Here you go, a rewind post because I had my in-laws in town and couldn't really watch another Argento blood bath.So here it is, a re-post of a post I did a year ago. I know, it's not popular, but hey, I'm tired and it's been a long weekend. Plus, these days I doubt anyone really reads anything I write any more. I still love horror, but these days family is taking the front seat.

I'm working on more stuff though, so don't give up on my ol' site yet. Plus if you have any suggestions, why not help me? Seriously, just let me know what I should watch, review. I'm also on twitter (sirjorgexxx) and aim (thecorporatehero) so don't hesitate to contact me.

Without further bs, here are my all time top 3 Camp Horror Movies:

Camp Horror Films
I’ve always loved horror movies, and I enjoy the idea of remote camp grounds that have some haunted element to it. Ever since I started reading Goosebumps, when I was younger, I always had a love affair with the idea of going away to Camp. However, the movies that rely heavily on slasher elements or hauntings really aren’t talked about as much as they should be, so to bring it back, I thought I would talk about some of my favorites. Keep in mind that these are just my personal favorites, and yours might be different.

So here is my Top 3 camp horror films:

Friday the 13th
Friday the 13th – Some campers have been bad and let Jason Voorhees drown. Now his mom is back to seek revenge on the campers! This movie scared me to death when I was eight years old and first saw it on vhs. Those were the days when you used to have to rent movies from the local Asian dude who happened to have a video store in the middle of his liquor store. I’m from Los Angeles, and lived in an area that wasn’t infiltrated by Blockbuster video yet. This film still sits as a classic of Horror cinema. Many people forget that it wasn’t Jason doing the killing in this film, it was his mom! Mrs. Vorhees is scary, and to this day, the movie holds up really well in the genre.

Here's the original Friday the 13th Trailer:

It still holds up, and if you can find it, the more recent editions have restore picture and updated sound for you guys that have nice set ups.

Sleepaway Camp
Sleepaway Camp – Unhappy campers is the theme of this film. A series of murders take place in the second half of this film, but not before some really long, and boring situations occur. I’m not sure why there is a full length baseball game in the middle of the movie, nor do I understand the gay overtones with the spinning bed and the gender confusions. It’s all interesting though, and this film shows you a lot of good make up effects. Although, you don’t see a lot of gore, nor do you see the violence, you do see the after effects quite nicely. This one spawned two sequels, and rumor has it another one is in production as we speak.

Here's the trailer for Sleepaway Camp:

The twist at the end, will leave you breathless...or will induce vomiting.

Camp Slaughter
Camp Slaughter – Low budget is the way to go these days, as this film was probably bought by Lionsgate for cheap. This movie is filmed in HD and has a good new cover, but the film needs work. Some teens stumbled into a time warp in the woods, where they are transported back to the 1980’s sleepaway camp model of slasher films. The twist in this one is the sheer fact that the day of killings repeats, and it’s up to the new teens to stop the repetition, or else be stuck in the time warp forever! Camp Nightmare has a lot of laughable gore, and is ridiculously funny at moments. You’ll also note that some of the actor’s from the American Pie straight to dvd movies star in this one.

Here's the trailer for Camp Slaughter:

As you can see, the budget was shoe string, and it looks like a thesis for a film student...or just a random low budget, straight to dvd film, but oh's got enough hack and slash for a worthwhile viewing.

While the camp horror movies definitely have a place in horror cinema, it seems that it’s a lot tradition of sorts. As a matter of fact, I can’t remember any new camp horror films in the last few years. But rumor has it some are in the works.

For further viewing check out the following camp films, and see how they compare to my top 3…and if you would like to comment, do so, and let me know your top 3.

Memorial Valley Massacre
Camp Blood
Cheerleader Camp
Cabin Fever
Camp Fear

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