Friday, July 3, 2009

The Future of Horror Looks Grim

This week I'm going out of town. Well just the weekend. However, I had to write a little post to show you a couple of new movies out right now that are hilarious and horror related.

First up, we have this trailer for the movie "FRANKENHOOD". This movie takes the Frankenstein idea and spins it...literally. We get a monster who's sole purpose is to win a basketball tournament! Yep. It's like Encino Man...only not.


Here's the trailer:

Not to be outdone in the comedic horror movie genre. The same studio that brought you the most gore filled movies of yesteryear, does it one more time. How can they top their previous body of work?

With Robogeisha! Yep...but I personally hate CG's the trailer:

The Future of Horror looks grim. Admit it. With a slew of remakes, and stupid clones, there seems to be nothing on the horizon that is really worth noting. So even though this post is not an extensive post on how bad things are, it should be noted that the future of horror films banks on straight to dvd films that should become cult classics.

Consider Bubba Hotep...if it was released in theaters it bombed. However, it is now considered a cult classic.

Obviously I could be wrong, and usually am. However, we'll get back to horror this monday. For now, enjoy your weekend.

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