Monday, July 6, 2009

5 Cool Bodily Explosions in Horror Film

This weekend I was out of town, so while I wasn't able to watch a full horror film. However, as the fireworks were going off in the air, I thought about the top 5 bodily explosions in horror. Now, this list is not expert, it's not even that good. But it's all I could think about, so here are 5 films that will entice your gore palate. I have included trailers might disagree, and I already think I'm wrong...but here are just a quick 5.

Terror Firmer Dvd on Sale Now
1. Terror Firmer - Terror Firmer has some sick gore, and some sick sexual innuendo. But what do you expect from Troma? This film is not a great visionary horror film, however it has enough of a punch to create some good times for all involved.

Chopping Mall Dvd
2. Chopping Mall - Chopping Mall not only has a cool movie poster it's one of the better "robot" warning movies of all time. It's really cool to see killer robots in the mall. It reminds me of a Simpsons episode.

Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland Dvd on Sale
3. Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland - Sleepaway Camp 3 is the worst in terms of story (in the series) but the better of the three films in terms of pure gore. It can probably be reduced to just 10 minute clips of pure gore. Not bad.

Grindehouse Planet Terror 2 Disc Dvd on Sale Now
4. Planet Terrror - Planet Terror, wow, a throwback if there ever was one. There is so much gore in this film that You can't just watch it once. Watch it twice, thrice, who knows, the better half of the Grindhouse film that came out a few years back.

Scanners on Dvd Now
5. Scanners - Not exactly my #1 pick but of course I had to include it. It's the most recent old school horror film that I saw.

What's your top 5? I mean, honestly, this isn't even the definitive top 5 for me. It's just 5 random ones I pulled out of my memory on a Monday morning. There are way better ones, Meet The Deedles? Bad Taste? Dead Alive? There's just so much out there. Let me know what you're fun gore moments are. Here's a super special extra one:

You know what? This is a poor list...but's a Monday after a Holiday, cut me some slack.

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