Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Top 40 Most Violent Comic Books Ever

So today, more technical difficulties occurred for me and this site. Well, mostly something happened with my dvd que on netflix. I had a few good things planned and instead of sending me my horror picks, I got some television picks. I then thought of plan b, but that fell through and after running out of time, and panicking I ran into something relative to this site.

Right now over at the Complex site they have run down the 40 most violent comic books of all time. These range from insane to utterly graphic and gore filled. I included two shots from the site, and you have to appreciate these things. There's no bigger gore fest than modern comics these days, and well...that's what's up for today.

I'll have a mail post for the next update and then try to get more updates. I'm scatter brained, but I'll get back in check out the top 40 most violent comic books.

Top 40 Most Violent Comic Books Ever

Top 40 Most Violent Comic Books Ever

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