Friday, July 24, 2009

From The Mailbag Late July Edition

Once again we are going to our comments, mail and reader suggestions for a post. I've been slacking lately, but it appears that so has everyone else, assuming anyone actually reads my musings on this horror movie site of mine. I've been delaying some things to get better acquainted with others, and will have more reviews next week as I have recently acquired some nice box sets and other things to review. I'm broke so that's a rarity to get some new horror flicks.

Let's get into the mail:

The Nobody said in response to my review of The Good Son:

I think the most interesting thing about this movie is its author. The screenplay is written by Ian McEwan, one the most celebrated literary novelists of our time. He wrote The Comfort of Strangers - a chilling book and even chillier film with Helen Mirren - and Atonement, the Academy Award Nominated film. He is truly a gifted writer and it shows in The Good Son, which is an unexpectedly good film.

You are absolutely right. The book "The Comfort of Strangers" is definitely a good one. Oh and yes Atonement had some great acting for sure. He is a great writer and they really did make this film into something more than the advertising and box covers led you to believe. I actually saw this film on a whim when I was younger and most recently saw it again, the same things that made the movie chilling back then made it good this time around. How timely is it that I reviewed this when there's a new scary kid movie hitting theaters this weekend? I'll check out The Orphan cause I'm bored, and review it for next week. Thanks for the comment, you brought some great insight to my lame review of The Good Son.

the posturing (and admittedly rather irritating) little popinjay said in regards to my post Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl Trailer:

I`ve got to see this film for the hot chicks and gore. That tom and jerry cartoon was hilarious it brought back a lot of good memories.

I admit, the actresses in these Japanese horror films are amazing. They are beautiful women and make me wish that I could've met some Japanese women when I was younger and single. In fact, I never see any hot girls in my line of work, and furthermore I haven't talked to someone outside of my coworker in a long time. We are seriously like the I.T Crowd show, just two of us in a room. Sad.

Tom and Jerry are definitely great. I love those toons, and wish that modern cartoons captured that sense of reckless violence. Instead we have Sponges and Star fish...but I love them too.

That's it, there were only 2 comments in roughly 30 days+ time. I'm not doing a good job, I can see that, and apparently no one is reading or responding. But that's not why I started this site, I started it because I genuinely enjoy horror. So until next time, stick around these parts. We have a couple things line up, the month end posts and then a new month of horror film!

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