Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Halloween Resurrection Brings Hip Hop To Horror

Ah yes, there’s something about selling out that just seems too good to be true at times. Halloween Resurrection, on the surface, looks like an incredible piece of filmmaking, right? I mean the poster campaign and many of the advertisements used to promote the film looked to have taken on a great role, then somehow the powers that be at the studio once again found a way to screw the slasher genre yet again, this time including Busta Rhymes in a place where you might not think he’d be, an antihero in a slasher that originally created the genre.

The movie features a fast and quick plot. A reality show is being filmed and unsuspecting teenagers are going to have to contend with a real threat, but before we launch into that piece of the story, we are set up with a lot of different pieces. The first thing we get is a backstory in which we kill off the original scream queen, and assume that Michael Meyers goes to a grave with her as they plummet to their deaths. That of course is not the case, as Meyers is back at it, and he’s going to take out anyone that is in his way.

The reality show is supposed to be streamed online and through various channels, all filmed in the original house where Meyers grew up. One by one we are treated to horror clich├ęs, with dumb jocks, punishment for having sex, running upstairs instead of away and through a window, and just every other piece of stupidity that you get when you see a genre film like this one.

The end is terrible, you’ll find yourself wondering why, and if the ending wasn’t bad enough you have to deal with Busta Rhymes throwing out classic one-liners. Oh wait, not so classic one-liners, if you ask me. The film plays fast, it’s not a slow moving movie at all and the bodies pile up over the course of the film. You’ll have to throw logic out the window, and just grab a Mountain Dew Code Red and some popcorn; otherwise you’re going to be heavily frustrated with the way it all plays out. Don’t think too much, this is a throwaway piece to the franchise. I would have much preferred to have Xzibit doing the funny stuff, but that’s just a personal preference. I don’t recommend Halloween Resurrection, but it was entertaining for 2002, so maybe it’s worth a watch or two.

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  1. Except for the original and the direct sequel, isn't all of the Halloween franchise throw-away?
    Not counting the third cheesy, but awesome Season of the Witch. Although Myers is one of my favorite slasher, the Friday 13th sequels are much more entertaining.


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