Thursday, May 31, 2012

End of the Month Deathtoll May 2012

Well folks, it's the end of May, and that means I post a list of reviews I did this month. Here are the reviews I did, and you know you like it. If you missed anything, here you go. For June, I'll be reviewing as much as possible, as I'm making a commitment to not only review more Twilight Zone, but also anything horror I can get my hands on.

You can always link to this page, send me a message, recommendations and so much more via comments or my email sir jorge at gmail dot com. Thanks for reading, thanks for patronizing the sponsors, etc.

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  • 5 Slashers Worth Buying Right Now

  • I Know What You Did Last Summer and It was Full of...

  • Twilight Zone Tuesdays: I Just Want To Be Santa

  • Halloween Resurrection Brings Hip Hop To Horror

  • Twilight Zone Tuesdays: The Silence Bewilders Gamb...

  • May Is For Slashers
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