Monday, May 7, 2012

May Is For Slashers

This month, I know I’m late, I have decided to run rogue throughout this site. I’m going to post as many reviews as I can in regards to the genre of Slashers.

What is a slasher film? Well, it can stand for a great deal of different types of movies, but it’s mainly where there is one main villain and the body count is rising. The best example of the genre came in the 1980’s with “Friday the 13th”. People think that the first ever movie to have the ideal was “Black Christmas” but there are those that argue that the European market had slashers that went back to a different era.

What movies are we going to cover? Anything I damn well please, and that’s that. I don’t have a list so every time you come back to the website, you’ll have something new. This of course is my plan, starting tomorrow. I’m going to have to say that this is the first of many things that I’m going to work on for this website.

I will interrupt the “theme” every Tuesday (starting in a few moments) for “Twilight Zone” Tuesday, starting with a review of a classic episode from one of my personal favorite shows of all time.

So, if you have ideas or want me to review your favorite slasher, send me a message and I’ll make sure to get it in this month of horror reviews.

One last thing, PLEASE patronize my sponsors, and buy dvd’s etc. I need the money big time as I’m trying to move out of Los Angeles to Long Beach and am going to Grad school and I’m broke. Really broke. Thank you!

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