Saturday, June 18, 2011

Satan's Blood Review

Oh, the Spanish, how lovely they are to me. One of my favorite adult movies features this Spanish bird, and well, I wish I could meet a girl from Spain, instead of sitting here on another weekend, alone, no woman, and dateless yet again. But that's neither here nor there, let's talk about the latest film for this review site, Satan's Blood. This 1978 horror movie features the best of everything that is good in horror and then some. In fact, I believe that this film is the best horror movie that I have seen this year, and that's saying a lot, because I see a lot of horror. The film was directed by Carlos Puerto, and recently came to the US in a full uncut, English dubbed version, and boy does it pack a punch.

Satan's Blood starts with a pornographic sex scene that involves a satan worshiping weirdo, and a lovely bird. The movie is so graphic that my sister and stepdad had to nearly leave the room, because it was quite insane. The movie can easily be confused as something unrelated, but trust me, get past the first ten minutes.

The movie slowly moves into a different plot theme. A couple drives through town only to get stopped by another couple that say they went to school together. The two catch up and are interested in going to have lunch off the side of the road. The mountain side castle like structure that the two couples end up at is quite crazy. It appears a lot like Dracula's castle in most horror vampire mythology. Once inside the couples start playing a weird game, and that leads to the greatest satanic sex orgy I've ever seen. Sure, the bumping and grinding wasn't that of "The Devil in Miss Jones" or anything like that, but it did have some similarities. The sexual situations force the couples into a weird union of satanism that really makes for quite the weird next few scenes. At one point there is a weird rape sequence that is never fully explained.

The film moves forward with relative ease, and lots of gore, and sick moments. The film takes the high road towards the end, and I was predicting a trivial identity crisis ending, but nope, the film gets into some strange lands, particularly with the introduction of a porcelain doll that bleeds. The doll is one of the creepiest points in the film, making for a side show horror piece that makes the film palpable in terms of terror. The ending twist is what really grabbed me.

I won't reveal the twist, but boy did it have some great moments. The realization that the whole scenario was a set up for something completely sinister rivals anything I've seen in a long time. I was completely impressed with how the ending turned out, the camera usage, editing, and acting. There were some physical scenes that had to be difficult for the actors involved to create. One such moment was when our antihero chokes out the villains girlfriend, and marks are seen manifesting on the neck of the actress.

Satan's Blood is one of the best Spanish horror films I've seen in a long time. I watch a lot of movies, and this one really grabbed me by the hair and punched me in the face. It features a great deal of sex, violence, and gore. The gore showcased in the final sequences is worth its weight in gold, and the macabre tale is really interesting when the film goes full circle in the end, and we get a moment where a sequel can be made! While this film is not on blu ray, it is worth the high price of purchasing it, which I will gladly recommend and do. Aside from the stupid name, I thought the film pulled no punches, and makes for one of the coolest and slickest horror films. I know, I'm gushing over this one, but after seeing so much garbage, and avoiding British horror, I loved this one, and recommend it highly.


  1. jervaise brooke hamsterJune 21, 2011 at 6:01 PM

    Sir Jorge, dont you think its a bit pointless now to watch these kinds of films anymore when the internet is there to satisfy even the greediest of masturbatory needs, i know you said that you really enjoyed the horror ele-girl-ts of this film as well but, as i said, it just seems to me that these films are out-moded now in the time of the internet with millions of images of gorgeous sexy nude birds being buggered senseless now available. I just wondered what your opinion was ?.

  2. No, I like the movies on a sensual level, not because i masturbate to them, but because i enjoy the film making quality and the bodies shown. I can appreciate it. The birds found in porn doesn't do it for me...and well I don't review them. I review horror, and badly at that.


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