Monday, June 6, 2011

The Maze Review

the maze

I've seen a lot of movies with a lot of premises that are unique, and in theory the idea of a corn maze being the ultimate place of dying, isn't something I recall being used on a regular basis. But that is exactly what we have here, we have the incredible, durable horror cliche in the form of a slasher film called The Maze.

I did read recently that this movie falls under the subgenre of "hoodie horror", which finds me laughing hysterically. That reason being because the main killer has a hoodie on. Ok, subgenres are stupid sometimes, and that's the dumbest. That being said, the killer here has a red hoodie and is like the reverse of little red riding hood.

The Maze is boring. There are no redeeming qualities about a film that has little to no visual stimulation except for the on again and off again thrills, shrieks, surprises, and kills. The main slasher in the film has a pretty cool romp, taking out kids left and right, then gets his own in the end.

The movie tries hard to throw in a hidden gem, a twist to show off that there are still secrets to be had in horror, but when you finally get to that point, you realize that you've just sat through what seems like a made for television movie.

I can go on and on about the flaws, but I think most people will agree that watching an hour of a film about a Maze only to move the setting to a jailhouse and then get the final girl to "tape record" something to finish the movie off, is quite lame. It's like a spawn of the movie "Saw", only with slightly better acting. After so much invested in the title, you'd think this thing would play out in one spot, but nope, it just really derails in the final sequences.

I would stay away from watching The Maze repeatedly. It really falters in its attempt to scare, and really does a poor job of selling the horror of the maze altogether.

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