Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Prom Night 3 Review

prom night 3

Oh boy, I was 7 years old when I first saw this train wreck of a film, and going back to see it, really reminds me how crappy some films can be. Don't get wrong, this film is not the worst thing I've seen, but it isn't exactly the best. The being said, Prom Night 3 is up for review today on Scary Film.

Cue the cool intro music.

The plot of this one is simple. A high school student begins to have dreams of this dead prom queen named Mary Lou and as the two engage in supernatural sex with each other, she begins to help him through a variety of problems, all by killing off anyone that gets in his way. The main high school kid, named Alex, looks far too old to be in High School, and the movie progresses to not only NOT make you care about the characters, but further prove that this is a comedic gem and not a straight laced horror flick.

As the film progresses the death sequences tip off the viewer as to what they are watching. At one point, Mary Lou kills a fat teacher by stabbing him through the hands with ice cream cones. Yes, I kid you not, death by Ice Cream! This kind of creative kill zone, really makes for good chuckles, but not necessarily a great thing for those looking for serious horror.

Unfortunately, despite comedic horror elements, there seems to be punches pulled, censorship in place, and something awry about the editing. Yes, there are some quality pieces of gore make up, but it seems like this film was purposely "tame" for some reason.

The visuals are good, despite the low budget. I'm always impressed to see the early 90's film makers actually put effort into making a film. This is far better than many of the straight to dvd films that are hitting shelves with reckless abandon. I liked that I never felt like I was watching a second rate film, but rather a film that could've been in theaters, even if only in the last remaining grindhouse cinema palaces.

Prom Night 3 is NOT scary at all. In fact, the comedic elements pop up far too much to take it seriously. Sure, there are some quality sexual sequences, and some might find Courtney Taylor's body to be impressive, but outside of some mild sexual encounters, some creative death points, this film really does seem to drag. I wouldn't recommend this one to casual fans, but for die hard horror movie fans, you have to check this one out. If not for the whole thing, at least for the ice cream sequence, because that's worth price of admission.

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