Thursday, June 30, 2011

Changes Coming

Hey Scary Film Fans!

It's your old pal Sir Jorge. I wanted to talk briefly about a few changes that are coming to this blog. I will be reviewing more movies, I have 3 ready to roll, I just have been busy with writing (I'm a freelance writer). I wanted to tell you guys about and my partnership with them.

Amazon and California got into a scuffle, and they aren't working together anymore. At least not at the affiliate level. That means that the past 4 years of links will still work, but guess what? I won't get paid at all for them. I have worked hard to provide you 3 readers with links to purchase film, and you can do so, but remember I make 0 money from it. This site isn't about money, but I have bills, and student loans etc, which I need to pay. I am not rich, and barely make ends meet as it is. I live in California so Amazon is punishing me, or rather punishing all California residents by not coming to terms.

That's fine.

As for the changes, there will be less links towards amazon, and more horror related affiliate links. Please patronize them when you see them as I need any extra help I can get.

In between posts, you can email me at sirjorge at gmail dot com or you can chat with me on aim thecorporatehero

Look for the changes to be non-intrusive as usual. Thank you for your understanding, continued support, and patience. I'll have more reviews up...including some of the most ridiculous movies I've seen in a while.

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