Friday, June 24, 2011

Ricco The Mean Machine Review

I was reading the back of this dvd cover and I really liked what the summary said. The box cover made Ricco The Mean Machine sound like the most violent movie ever made. It had pictures of gore, and it talked about how the film was previously released edited and chopped, but this is the first time it was released uncut, and with the original director’s intention. I couldn’t miss it, and so here I am trying to figure out how to review this supposedly violent film.

Ricco The Mean Machine is a slow moving revenge, exploitation film. Ricco gets out of jail and finds out that his sister is living with a mob boss named Don Vito, and his father has been brutally killed. Through the course of the film he seeks revenge, and as Vito finds out, he starts killing off Ricco’s family members.

The movie has only a couple of redeeming qualities. First of all, there is a lot of nudity, as is expected with foreign films. The beautiful women are quite a sight to see, and even better nude. While the sexual situations don’t really do much in the way of portraying realistic sex, it is enough to entice even the most jaded of viewer.

The second thing, and quite possibly the most violent thing I’ve seen in film in a long-time, involved infidelity. Don Vito catches his girlfriend messing around, so he orders his men to cut off the genitals of the man she’s sleeping with, and they proceed to do so and then stuff them into the mouth of the culprit. This is the most graphic, sick scene I’ve seen in a long time, and while you could tell it’s fake, it’s still a sickening piece of violence and gore, that makes this film worth sitting through.

The ending is rather boring, the film slowly crawls to a climax, and aside from about 5 minutes of gore, this film is not that great. The lackluster fight scenes should have been a red flag, but alas, I stuck with it, in hopes of the back cover being right and this movie being ultra violent. Sadly, Ricco The Mean Machine is not that violent or gorey, aside from the genital mutilation.

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  1. Always fun, a genital mutilation :D


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