Monday, December 21, 2009

Silent Nighty Deadly Night 3 Review

Holiday Horror 2009

Oh yes, my first of the three sequels that followed the first two killer santa movies. This third film I had to buy on vhs, in relatively good condition. I paid a lot more than it is worth, but that's ok. The whole process of putting in a vhs into my dvd/vhs player is something that I was really happy about. So while the movie is terrible, the experience is bar none.

Silent Night Deadly Night 3 starts out really creepy. In fact, so creepy that I haven't seen such a thing in a long time. It starts with a white room, completely white and our fallen villain with his brain exposed, and she runs into a Santa Claus and asks him for some's a really creppy opening. The opening leads to a flash back of our main character "Laura" dreaming of the sequencing from the first film. Laura is tied to machines and is in a room next to our killer santa.

The Plot here is somewhat simple. A blind woman with psychic powers is the victim of Ricky, our killer santa, who has come back to life and is now stalking Laura (our blind victim). The movie takes a while to set up, but manages to get itself together in time to throw down some good gore.

My first problem with this film is the first person angles used for the slayings. There's a few in here that you have to assume are Ricky, arising from his coma to stalk prey.

The second problem that this film suffers from is pacing. The pacing is slow, and you'll notice that right away. You'll get through almost an hour of this film with nothing major happening on screen. The preliminary sets of kills are all off camera, with blood splattering towards white walls and other things of that nature. You also have to suspend belief because Ricky has half of his brain exposed with 1/2 of this jar filled with water or solution. It's really a site to see, something out of Futurama. However, you have to just keep waiting.

The third problem I have with this film is the flash backs. They continually flashback to the first film, and the cuts are hard edits. There is no flashback sequencing or warning, it simply moves to the first film and then comes back to the present without much of a warning or announcement. So if you haven't seen the first film, you're going to be lost with what's going on.

Ricky is for the most part speechless, and much like a drone of sorts. That is not necessarily bad, but it is something of a let down, especially since he was so active in the first and second films. Even the gratuitous nudity didn't really do it for me.

Overall, Silent Night Deadly Night 3 is a slow moving piece of the overall movie series. It's a tad bit boring, with little to no saving grace other than the fact that it's Holiday Themed, featuers a well established Santa Claus killer, and continues the tradition of sorts. I liked it enough to see it, and own it, but I wouldn't recommend it to a lot of people. It's just too slow, and if you thought part 2 was slow or the first one had some slow moving parts, you just don't know what slow is...this one has the pacing of an old man in a rocker. If you're not trying to watching holiday horror films, avoid this's just not worth it. Although, I still stand by my experience of watching this film for not only series merit, but the fact that I review these type of films for this site.

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