Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday of Horrors 2009

Holiday of Horrors 2009

This December 2009, Scary Film blog will push forward through a new list of holiday horror movies. Anything Christmas, Thanksgiving or related will be featured this month on this blog.

If you remember last year on this site, I tried to make sure to do the same thing, but had a harder time than ever. This year, I had time to prepare and even went on ebay to purchase several specific out of print vhs tapes to review for the site. If you follow along this month You’ll see all new reviews on holiday horror films.

Last year’s list was interesting, and here are the links from 2008 Holiday of horrors on scary film blog:

Silent Night Deadly Night Review
Silent Night Deadly Night 2 Review
The Search for Christmas Horror
Christmas Evil Review
Holiday Horror News
Silent Night Bloody Night Review
Santa's Slay Review
Jack Frost Review
Chopping Mall Review
A Real Santa Claus Killer

If you have suggestions, or want me to review a certain film, please let me know via a comment and I'll try to squeeze you in. We will begin the holiday of horrors 2009 December 2, 2009!

If anyone of you readers out there wants to review holiday horror movies let me know via a comment or email sirjorge AT gmail dot com with a link and I'll link you. If you want to be a guest blogger, let me know and I'll give you a slot in the order. If not, then that's all good, enjoy what is to come!

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