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Liberation Cult Double Feature Review

Liberation Cult Double Feature

A while ago I got mailed a double feature dvd and wasn’t able to watch it right away. Liberation Media was kind enough to send me something so cool, that most companies never do for me, and I felt bad for a while. However, after moving from Seattle to Moscow Idaho, I was finally able to review this film. Wait, not just one film, two films! This is a classic drive in style b-movie double feature! That’s right up this blog’s alley too!

Liberation Cult sent me this dvd, and I packed in a box, but no box could contain the horror that was in this double feature. Up first I watched Mutant.

Mutant has a simple premise. Two brothers are on a vacation of sorts and they stumble upon something too scary for words! I like how the film began with a small tribute of sorts to the beginning of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 with the brothers getting driven off the road by a maniac truck driver. Whether the throwback was intentional or unintentional is really not known to me, but it was definitely reminiscent of that cult classic and favorite of this blog.

The movie moves forward fast, and we don’t see our mutant at first. We just see shadows and aftermath, with plenty of noise and slight gore effects. This kind of film making is always a plus, as you never really want to reveal your villain too early, especially when your villain is a rubber suit monster of maniacal proportions.

There are cliche's in this film initially of course the local law enforcement doesn't seem to buy the brothers story about a dead man at random. Meanwhile, they keep running into trouble with local rednecks. The movie then moves forward with some classic genre horror.

By the time you finally get the full story behind the monster in a rubber suit, you start to realize how cheesy the past generations of horror movies were. I didn’t mind this movie that much, as it had some classic lines and clever editing. The actor’s didn’t seem fake at all either, and there was a real down to earth quality overall. Sure this thing was meant for late night Channel Z type channels, or an Elvira classic movie late night showing, but it still has enough guff to push even the jaded fan to root for our main characters.

While it’s not the most gorey film, and while most people may not have heard of this film, it still packs a good enough punch to get your eyeballs into trouble.

Now, you have to really consider two factors to this film. The first being the presentation of the transformation of the mutations. The small town is being overrun by mutants, but you only see signs of "rubber suit" mayhem with latex effects and more. Things great really interesting when you realize that you're not watching a monster flick, you're watching a zombie film! That's right, a Zombie film!

The second part of our double feature is featuring killer cats…killer mutant cats of sorts. The film should not be confused with the Asian horror film “The Uninvited” even though it shares the name. This thing is the polar opposite in terms of film making, but still is cool enough to be part of this instant cult favorite of tag team horror dvd’s.

The Uninvited that this double feature showcases is a 1987 b-movie that feels a lot more like an episode of Tales From The Crypt rather than a feature length film. A shady business man tries to escape to a remote island, and while things are going smooth with him and his spring breakers on a ship to a remote island, a local mutated cat jumps aboard and mayhem ensues. This film is laughable to say the least, but it shows that the imagination of the past was a bit more fervent than anything we are seeing these days. Sure it’s slapstick at times, but this thing is hilarious and a cool view.

The Uninvited isn’t going to be on anyone’s top 10 list at all, but it packs a comedic horror punch. Of course, I’m not one hundred percent sure that it was totally meant to be comedic, but hey, it happens.

As a whole I would recommend checking out The Liberation Cult Double Feature Dvd as it is a classic look at cult horror films. You’re not going to find this too often these days, as there was just a sense of finesse to these things that just seems better. I liked them, and think it’s a good deal to get this two pack. However, be warned, these movies aren’t exactly home runs, but hey, they are cult classics…well…they are trying to be anyways.

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