Friday, December 26, 2008

A Real Santa Claus Killer

Santa Claus Killer

Today’s post is kind of grim in many ways, largely because we’re not really dealing with fictional characters from Horror movies anymore. Yesterday (12/25) a gunman dressed in a Santa Suit killed 8 people and set a house on fire. That’s right, a real Santa Claus killer. This is really going to mire the on going debate on whether or not a Killer Santa Claus movie is worthwhile in regards to creativity and horror movies.

I’m not sure if this is going to force anyone to really take things seriously or if this is just another blemish on the case of a holiday that esteems shopping and commercialism beyond any good will that you could imagine.

The Real Santa Claus killer is now headline news, far above the news of cultural demise in Mexico, Argentina, or any other latin American country that is in shambles.

I posted a little video about Silent Night Deadly Night getting trashed by Siskel & Ebert on the release of the film, but never did I ever equate Santa Claus or a killer dressed as Santa Claus to be a real life problem in society. That is, until yesterday when people were murdered by a crazed mad man.

I wanted to shed light on this for two reasons.

Silent Night Deadly Night 2

1) As a horror movie fan and advocate of taking a closer look at the world around us, I want to say that although the majority of the atrocities discussed in this blog are not real there is still evil in the world and we shouldn’t think that horror films can never become real life. I AM NOT saying that horror movies contributed to this case, or that it helps criminals or causes motives. I’m saying that horror movies shouldn’t be sterilized into a super hero fictional world that can never and doesn’t happen ever.

2) My second point hinges on the first. With that stated, if you’re a parent or are going to have kids tell your kids about these movies in light of fiction and reality. These movies are great visual stories, but they are also warnings in many cases and if you’re going to let your kid see these things, explain to them in terms they understand different points. Why not? My dad taught me that these things are real in the sense that the world has a lot of bad people, and that the movies themselves should not scare me, but real life is certainly a lot worse.

I know, I’m really trying hard to reach this story and put it in this blog somehow, but come on, it’s an interesting scenario of sorts. But it really hits home to me to see a real life story of a Santa suit killer. I know, life imitates art, and even if I’m the only one trying to connect the dots, I think it’s weird to me that this movie that I saw as a kid is coming back to haunt me in real life. Odd, really odd.

I know, I'm reaching really far, but I didn't have a review qued cause of the holiday.

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