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Child's Play Review

Child's Play Poster

What’s scary about a doll coming to life? Nothing. What’s scary about a criminal casting a voodoo like curse and putting his soul into the body of a toy doll? Everything! Child’s Play was definitely a favorite of mine when I was a kid, and today I still enjoy it, just on a different level.

The movie starts of like a police thriller with a criminal being chased down and desperate. In a last act he conjures up a spell and takes his soul and places it into a doll. This doll is later purchased by a mom who gives it to his unknowing child, and business starts to pick up!

The doll starts talking to our main character named Andy, and Andy starts to obey. The initial killings aren’t so bad, and this film maintains a creepy quality by allowing you to see first person through the eyes of Chucky as he carries out his killing spree. (which isn’t a lot, considering this is the first entry in this film) The movie moves away from simple killing, and really focus’s on Andy and his new home inside a psychiatric ward. However, Chucky shows up and Andy escapes, and we get a dead doctor!

Here is a trailer for the Horror Classic Child’s Play:

Alright, we’re 20 years after the movie came out and I wax nostalgic for this film and remember when I first saw it. I was merely five years old when this movie came out and I somehow weaseled my way into seeing it with my parents. The movie wasn’t as brutal as today’s horror films, but it was creepy at the time. While I wasn’t immediately scared of the movie, it did set my imagination on fire in regards to what could happen if voodoo were in fact real. (That’s arguable) I used to have Cabbage Patch Kids in my toy chest and this movie made me paranoid of having the stupid things. I also had one of those “My Buddy” dolls which looked a lot like the Chucky doll in the film.

The movie is a classic, but not in the traditional senses of classics. This movie is classic for me because it was a horror staple as a child. I was such a big fan that I remember begging my parents to take me to see Child’s Play 2 in the theaters and they took me! Suckers. I loved these films and they still hold true today, however, the plot is pulled a little thin, and the movie shows it’s age in a lot of the dialogue, situations, and even death scenes. Plus, it’s just a doll, spirit or not, it’s a doll! Pick up Child’s Play Birthday Edition on dvd if you don’t already have it, and revel in the 28 year old cult classic of Horror.

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  1. The 1st Child's Play was good, but of course the sequels came and ruined it. I'm glad the creators decided to let it rest, and not turn it into some comical B.S. Like Freddie v.s. Jason.

  2. Well, this series did get terrible after the third one. I mean the first resurrection wasn't too bad, but it got into stupid arenas. I heard they might do a reboot, we'll see.

  3. bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ass nigga chucky is the shit he will fuk up leprechaun anyday stink booty ass boy

  4. I totally love the Chucky films but I think Childs play 3 ruined them a bit.

  5. jervaise brooke hamsterDecember 12, 2010 at 7:05 AM

    My favorite mo-girl-t in this movie is where Catherine Hicks says "now you talk or i`m gonna` throw you on the fire", that mo-girl-t is classic film-making of the highest calibre.


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