Thursday, September 4, 2008

Feast (1992) Review

Feast 1992
"Feast (1992) Box Cover Art"

Everyone has probably heard of the horror movie Feast that came out in the last few years, but this movie isn’t anything like that one. This film called “Feast” is like an R rated porno film. The movie is suppose to be horror, but it stars a porn star named Sharon Mitchell and has a cameo from none other than Ron Jeremy! There are also cameo’s from other porno actors and/or directors of porno films, and there seems to be an underlining sexual current in this film.

Two friends are seducing women into auditioning for parts in a movie, only to get killed and eaten! That’s right, this is a cannibal movie! These two guys are polar opposites, except that they love eating young women. Meanwhile, one man is getting psychiatric help and the doctor begins to fall in love with her patient, and begins to want to experiment with him and his sick storytelling.

The movie is straight to vhs, it is shot in the same manner as any good straight to vhs film. However, the film quality is higher than anything I’ve seen straight to DVD recently, but then again, there are most likely a lot of people in the porn world with access to full fledged cameras, equipment, editing, and the likes. The make up effects are horrible, and the dead bodies look completely fake. The characters spew lines as if they are serious, and this movie really isn’t all that fun to watch at all.

As the story develops, a rogue cop starts to piece together a cannibalism trail and now the Psychiatrist is in the middle! This is about the most tense the movie got, but really this one is just bad. I’m not sure if there is an x-rated version of this film where hardcore sex is involved, or whether this was just an oversight by Netflix or if this seriously is an attempt at a horror film. It has horror elements, but overall, this movie is just weird. I swear this film looks and plays out like a big budget 70’s or 80’s porno film, just without the hardcore sex involved.

I do NOT under any circumstances recommend watching Feast, the 1992 edition, and you probably won’t even see this one in stores, since it’s one of those obscure horror films that just didn’t pan out. Had I been working at a video store again, I’d have been completely upset over this piece of trash film.

One saving grace though, the film quality is really good. I’m glad that at least the cinematography takes itself seriously.

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