Thursday, September 11, 2008

This Week in Horror Dvd Releases

This Week, the week of September 9th, we got a few horror movies coming through the pipe. One thing I hate about horror film marketing is that NO one ever seems to promote these very well, so good luck finding an ad anywhere for these. Check out the notable horror releases for this week, it's not half bad.

House of The Dead Director's Cut Dvd - Some people might cringe at hearing that this is out, but I personally don't think it's that bad of a zombie movie. If you're a fan of the video games, you'll probably enjoy this one, although it's NOT a glowing example of great horror writing or film. It's worth a look or two, and for you horror fanatics, a must own.

Pet Semetary Special Collector's Edition Dvd - This dvd has come out before, but this week another edition came out which is being called a Special Collector's edition which features a few commentaries, mini docs, surround sound and a lot more. Not bad, for a re-release of sorts.

Pumpkinhead Collector's Edition Dvd - It's finally back in an all new collector's edition and most places have sold out of this one. If you're a fan of the classic movie that is Pumpkinhead, then this is a must own. It is one of the first movies that I saw as a new horror fan back in 1989, as a 6 year old! Yeah, this one brings a lot of memories for me.

Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! - Strippers VS Zombies dvd - The name says it all. B or C level horror is found here in what is a very deserving straight to dvd release. I'll see it, although I'm not sure that anyone else will. If it's any consolation, it has 5 stars on Amazon as of this post.

Species Box Set Dvd - The Science Fiction series Species lands into a full blown 5 disc box set for you guys to devour. I saw the first couple films while I was going through puberty, and about an awakening. I know, that was gross, I'm sorry. The films range from mediocre to horrible, but it's a box set and you can have the whole series in one shot.

Fox Horror Classics Collection, Vol. 2 Dvd - A box set of horror films from way back. You get Dragonwyck, Chandu The Magician, and Dr. Renault's Secret, and it's all in one easy box set. The films aren't going to get rave reviews from everyone, but you horror buffs are going to eat this up, as am I.

Child's Play Special Edition dvd - this has come out a ton of times, but now on its 20th birthday comes out the special edition dvd. Why not? It's a must have if you don't already own the box set, like I do.

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