Friday, September 5, 2008

Movie Club: Ice Spiders

In our first ever Movie Club movie, we are featuring Ice Spiders. This is how it will work, you the reader...all 2 of you will get this movie by either buying it, renting it, borrowing it, stealing it or getting it on Netflix. (Or if you're lucky catch it on Sci-Fi Channel) You will write a review of it, then let me know, and I will post an update with My review of this film, and the link to your review! That's right, we will help each other out. Tell your friends, bloggers, family, and make it a movie night of horrible B-Horror movie madness! Let me know by September 30th 2008, because on October 2nd, the month of HORROR I'm going live with My review of ICE SPIDERS! And you're links to your review of ICE SPIDERS! Heck, you do this review and you can get 1,000 ENTRECARD CREDITS! That's right, easy credits. Here is the dvd cover, and a trailer! Oh and for you Entrecard Junkies, I'll throwdown 3000 Entrecard Credits if you PURCHASE this dvd from the links below and let me you have time, and you have the incentive, so lets get this movie club thing working...if I get no entries, well at least you get to read my thoughts on what could be the most disastrous made for tv horror/science fiction film ever! Oh and last but not least, if you participate, send me a link, and i'll add you to my blogroll and link to my front page...share the love!

Ice Spiders

Here's your shot at 1,000 Entrecard credits, and if you're generous 3,000 entrecard credits!

September 30th is the deadline for your posts, my post will go live October 2nd with a link to your review, and of course if no one steps up, I'll keep my credits, and will at least post my review.

The first 3 people that buy the dvd will get 3,000 credits, and up to 15 people will get 1,000 entrecard credit prizes. I am not made of credits, but I have quite a few to dish it out.


  1. I'm pretty sure I have this movie around here somehwere....

  2. sounds good but i just need to find the film.

  3. I also love horror movies. The ones I like most are the Asian ones like the the ring, the eye the grudge to name a few all of these have english version but the asian ones are much better.

  4. I'm not really good at reviews, eh, but I tried.


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