Monday, July 21, 2008

Midnight Skater Review

Midnight Skater is not just a b movie, it’s a c movie or even lower! I love skateboarding, and even have a skateboarding blog, so when I saw this waiting for me to review, I had to jump on the chance.

This movie starts out as a slasher film. There is a psycho guy that is starting to hack people up. But there is a greater subplot, where kids are taking these drugs and turning into zombies. Just when you thought that was it, you get a swerve! As more people are dying, a group of friends get hip to what’s going on and think it’s the midnight skater that’s causing everything! However, there’s a surprise ending and that’s probably the high point in this film.

Here's a trailer for Midnight Skater:

You get some scenes that make no sense, and the whole movie is filmed on hand held vhs camera’s; or at least that’s what I think they are. The quality of film is horrible, there is a lot of grain, and the audio wasn’t foley and wasn’t thrown in, it was straight off the camera’s mic and there’s a lot of static and fuzz. This will turn off a lot of people, and the average fan of horror will definitely turn this off.

The effects are amateur to say the least. We’re talking ketchup, water, and random red ink. This is a horrible example of effects, but by the time you get to the gore, you won’t care any longer. The zombie effects are also terrible, and laughable at times.

The actor’s are serious in most of the scenes, even in the necrophilia sex scene, this whole thing was just insane. This seemed like a student film, seriously, it was just not up to par with a lot of films out there.

However, what this film has going for it is that it’s completely independent. It’s completely full, and follows a distinct script. The zombie angle is thrown in there two take focus off the main plot holes, but the whole mysterious midnight skater pulls you t finish the film.

Unlike Sleepaway Camp, you see the main slasher in this film, and you assume that he’s the midnight skater, but you realize that there’s a strong chance that you might be wrong.

Midnight Skater is the type of independent film that you make with your friends while still in college or high school. It’s not something to take too seriously, but it’s worth watching for the comedic value of the gore levels. I give it up to these guys for following through a whole movie, given that it wasn’t exactly amazing. Imagine if you Be Kind Rewind (you know the Jack Black Movie) made a horror film, and this might end up being the product it made.

Check out Midnight Skater on dvd,if you’re a diehard B-Movie fan, it’s really low B Movie. It might be a new category of level.

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  1. wow that looks so cheezy and cool. Do you know who produced it?


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