Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Relic Review

The Relic is a slow moving horror film, with a lot of great ideas but little activity for the over stimulated culture we live in currently.

The movie is about a Museum researcher who returns from South America with all sorts of crap he finds. At face value, the findings seem scarce and the owner of the Museum is skeptical of what has really been found. Meanwhile, dead bodies are discovered on board of the ship that brought the crates over to the U.S. That would be weird, but then people start dropping off in the Museum and things start to take a horrific turn. It turns out to be a large monster that is now loose and its time to mop up.

First thing I thought about is how boring the execution of this film really is. I really had a hard time getting into the development of the overall characters a midst the ever growing horror that was being unleashed by this monster. It’s a cgi/effects monster and you can tell that the technology was fairly new at the time, because it’s really choppy and lackluster around the edges.

The movie progresses really slow to me. It’s hard to watch, and just like going to a real museum, this film has a lot of shots where the camera seems to be on a track and slowly moves through the museum to show off the interiors.

I would liken the monster to a warewolf of sorts, or some sort of wild animal on four legs, but I could be wrong.

At one point, I swear there is a dream sequence, or it could have been myself. There is a significant twist at the end, which forces you to hate the writers of this film.

I admit that this movie did have a lot of creepy points, and if you’re easily scared when the lights are out, and are creeped out by closed spaces, museums, and creepy, dusty, crates, you’re going to love this one.

There are a few moments of gore in this film, and it's interesting that this was a major release film, because usually it gets toned down.

I was more scared and entertained by R.L Stine novels then the Relic.

I thought The Relic was boring, slow, and uninspired. I didn’t read the novel that The Relic was based on, so maybe if I venture into the book by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston.

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  1. jervaise brooke hamsterMarch 6, 2010 at 6:27 PM

    I actually think "THE RELIC" is one of the most ludicrously under-rated horror films of the 90`s, it is a quite magnificent film with superb special effects (i just wish Penelope Ann Miller had been 18 at the time of filming and completely naked for the entire movie then it would have been absolutely perfect). It is (for instance) a hundred times better than "SCREAM" (which was released the same year) which i thought was ludicrously over-rated hogwash.


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