Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Vampires: Los Muertos Review

Vampires: Los Muertos has only a few things going for it, and that’s not a good thing. The overall look and feel of the film is surprising to me. For a straight to dvd effort, the film quality if actually not half bad. But before we elaborate on that, let us consider the premise of this film:

The location is the same as the first film, Mexico. But long gone is James Woods, and here comes someone completely new, a vampire hunter named Derek Bliss, played by none other than Jon Bon Jovi. That right there should be enough to tell you to stay away, but not me, I’m an idiot and I like punishing my brain sometimes. (legally of course) The hunter goes through the streets of Mexico collecting bounties and going on his merry way. He then hears about a high profile case and starts to unravel a big plot. There is a syndicate of vampires run by a princess vampire and they are in search of the Black Cross. This cross will help aid the vampires in a ritual that will make them able to walk in the daylight. But before they can get their hands on this, they have to deal with Derek, his new pal Sancho, and some allies in the fight to stop this from taking place.

For a vampire film, there is very little gore involved. There are a few splatters here and there, but nothing really worth mentioning. There are some jump scenes, but overall this film is moderately paced, and even slow at times. You can feel as though the director knows that the networks are going to splice the movie into pieces and insert commercials, so there are a lot of key moments that seem to end out of nowhere, as if the commercials were going to arrive to fill the gaps.

The second thing that this has going for it, besides Bon Jovi’s lead role, is Diego Luna. Diego Luna somehow shows up in this film to play a 14 year old who wants to join Derek in his quest to fight vampires. Diego Luna is a great actor, and I loved him in a lot of different roles, but here, he just seems out of place.

Check out the trailer for Vampires: Los Muertos:

This movie wasn’t complete garbage. Bon Jovi has some above average acting skills, and he seems to be doing what he can with the role, and you know what? I kind of dig it. Sure it’s not the greatest vampire movie ever made, in fact it’s not even as good as the horrible first film with James Woods, but it has a certain level of Sci-Fi Channel charm that makes me enjoy it.

I’m not going to say that this is the greatest vampire film ever, but Vampires: Los Muertos is worth at least a once over, and to many Bon Jovi fans, a twice or thrice over.

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  1. You know what, I have never seen this movie, but you have convinced me. Yes, I am a JBJ fan, but I might have to agree with you on the things that where not amazing. I have watched a couple videos of some footage of the movie. I can see myself watching it on Halloween. But other wise, not really. The movie is pretty good. Out of 1 through 10. I would give it an 8. I mean, cut JBJ sme slack. I would NOT put him in movies like that. So, I agree with you!


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