Thursday, July 24, 2008

From The Mail Bag Volume 1

Welcome to the first edition of "From The Mail Bag" where I reach into my comments, emails and mail to answer a question from the audience (that's you). This week, since I've been battling a cold, and my wife was sick, I couldn't get to as many horror movies as I'd like. But instead of just dying on you guys, I decided to answer some email and comments...or should I say comment.

Critic_101 of At the video store writes:

wow that looks so cheezy and cool. Do you know who produced it?

That question of course in reference to my recent review of Midnight Skater on dvd.

Well,Critic_101, I don't know, I'm mean:

The movie Midnight Skater was produced by some kids in college, on a shoe string budget. The Studio is that helped out is Splatter Rampage!

When I did searches for Splatter Rampage, I couldn't find anything but a bunch of wrestling dvd's.

However, the film most likely found distribution through Tempevideo, I think. Their website didn't help at all, and neither did this other site I tried to hunt down

So what do I know?

I know that the movie is available through and some other retailers. I know that you can rent it via netflix, or stream it if you'd like.

I also know that Luke Campbell,Stacy Silvers,Andy Campbell, and other family members are involved.

I also know that if we still had grindhouse theaters everywhere, this would be coupled with other movies that are like this.

That's about it...I wish I had more info on this film. I just can't find anything worthwhile to mention. It's really low budget, almost no budget, but it has the creative spark of what I would make in college, so in that case it's not so bad.

Thanks for commenting! I appreciate all the comments I can get...even if it is only 1.

I'll make sure to get more reviews up, I've just been sick lately, so it's taking longer than usual.

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