Monday, February 7, 2011

Puppet Master 2 Review

puppet master

I was a little kid when this movie came out, and that's not saying a whole lot, but my idiot parents let me watch horror, and I recall this one frequenting my vhs player for some odd reason. I'm not sure why I liked it so much, but I just enjoyed it at the time. Watching this movie again really woke up a lot of things from my memory, and seeing the rack on one of the main actresses reminded me as to why this movie is rated R and not pg-13. The movie's main actress is cute, and that's what I first remembered once this thing started, the film I refer to is Puppet Master II.

Elizabeth Maclellan is pretty cute, and the rest of the ladies aren't half bad either. This movie starts out with a simple premise, and unravels more complex things as it moves along. The main plot revolves around a group of paranormal investigators looking for weird things at an abandoned hotel, when they start to see some strange happenings, mainly a puppet kills one of them. As the movie progresses we are introduced to the puppet master and his clan of toys, he tries to win one of the main characters over, and hopes to convert her into a puppet to be his bride! The plan also showcases two very awkward full sized puppets that come to life towards the end, and really put a fine point to this creepy sequel.

The plot moves slowly, and the average viewer will most likely grow tired of the film because it is truly tiring. After you get the first death scene, you start to wonder who was in charge of continuity and design. The puppets change in size, and scope. The laws of physics are really thrown out the window during this movie, and the frequent changes in size between scenes and puppets is hilarious at times.

The film breaks a few taboos, especially in a scene where one of the main puppets kills a child. This is a big "no no" in horror, and rightfully so, the movie cuts to another scene instead of showing the death of the kid.

For those looking for sexual situations, there is the lamest and most tame love scene I've ever seen in a movie. At one point the camera barely moves over a leg, yes, a leg, and that's suppose to be sexy? I think I saw an elbow or something, but it's hard to tell. The sex scene is so mild that it doesn't even need to be in the film, it's just ridiculous. There is a shot of nudity later on, but at that point the average viewer is just too tired to care.

The film wraps up with an interesting twist, and it sure is creepy. The creep factor rises as there is an open ending that is most likely going to lead you to believe that the third film will follow the ending quite well.

Puppet Master 2 is not a scary movie, it's not even that entertaining. The lines are forced, the acting is bad, and the sex scene is the most tame thing I've ever seen. There are some creepy moments in this film, and it definitely is showing its age. I wouldn't recommend checking this movie out, unless you're an idiot, like me. I followed up a viewing of this film with "The Station Agent", which is not a horror movie. The stunts and death sequences have a few noteworthy points, but other than that, I'd stay away from this sequel, that's for sure.

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