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Top 10 Horror Camp Movies

I once did a review of the best 3 horror camp movies, but here is an extended cut, with an all new set. This is the best 10 summer camp and/or camping horror films. These are well worth checking out, if you haven't seen them.

10. Summer Camp Nightmare - Some argue that this is not a straight forward horror film, it is still a scary piece of cinema. This film has a group of teens over throwing their camp counselors under the reign of a dictator and really moves forward. As the movie progresses, things go awry for the camp and the nightmare truly begins. There's not much gore, and this drama filled, slow moving film, is interesting to note, but really lacks a punch. As far as Camp films go, this is a good place to start, not end.

camp fear

9. Camp Fear - Back when Direct to Video didn't necessarily mean terrible, Camp Fear came out and proved to be interesting to watch. The film has enough science fiction and horror to move even the jaded fan to at least watch it the whole way through. While four young women go out on a little camping trip, they are terrorized by a gang, a monster, and a satanic priest, making up an interesting array of antagonists to chase hot chicks all over this film. Not a terrible one, not a great one, but definitely an interesting camp film.

camp slaughter

8. Camp Slaughter - Some might remember this film as Camp Daze, but I remember it as camp Slaughter. Mix Groundhog Day and an 80's Slasher film and you start to understand the plot of this film. It's an interesting nightmare scenario for a group of summer camp goers trapped in a recurring nightmare. A serial killer is on the loose, some time travelers are there, and things keep getting worse as the movie moves forward. Mixing genres, and creating a good straight to dvd movie is tough, but somehow director Alex Pucci does it with a cast of unknowns. I loved the dvd artwork, as well as the film itself, it's another piece to the horror camp movie pie.

camp slaughter

7. The Blair Witch Project - Touted as the scariest film ever, this was definitely interesting to watch. It lacks nudity, gore, and lots of traditional pieces of horror, but really packs a punch in the third and fourth act. Some people thought this was a snuff film when it came out, and others argued that it was real, but in reality, it's just a slow moving daze with a carefully plotted ending. The sequel was terrible, but this one remains as one of the worst nightmares in terms of camp horror, especially if you've ever been in the woods at night.

6. Iced - This horror film is similar to that of "Shredder" that I reviewed recently, but is 20 years older. This movie is not one that many people have seen, but it's worth while. A slasher film at camp, in the snow? Yep, it works, but I can see why it's not a classic amongst horror movie fans. This one is a little more obscure than the rest of the list, but still worth noting.

5. Blood Lake - Blood Lake is a relatively obscure 1980's film which is interesting to watch, even if it's not your #1 choice. The film is about a group of campers going to enjoy a nice vacation by the lake, and find themselves face to face with a slasher. This film is loved or hated by viewers and really lacks a lot, but with a cool box cover, and body count that rivals many other slashers, Blood Lake is a must see, if you are looking for straight up camp horror film.

cheerleader camp

4. Cheerleader Camp - I loved the cover of this vhs tape, and it's an interesting movie to check out. It's a 1988 fim that stars many familiar faces and is a slasher film set in a cheer leading camp. I first thought it was a porno, but it turns out it was far better than any adult film I've ever seen. As the cheerleaders are killed 1 by 1, you start to wonder who's the villain, and the final twist will have you wondering why you even try to invest time into horror film. I liked it, and recommend it.

the burning

3. The Burning - I first saw The Burning after trying hard to find a specific scene in horror film of a slasher villain using a pair of hedge clippers, but never truly found it. This film is an interesting take on the camp nightmare scenario where we see a group of campers stalked by a villain. As a murder spree occurs, and the campers are no longer safe, the usual sex, drugs, and slayings come to life yet again in this 1981 slasher film.

sleepaway camp2

2. Sleepaway camp II - Yes, I love the firs tone, and find it interesting, but I love the second one more. The second film in the Sleepaway Camp series introduces to the audience a new horror queen, and she really packs a punch. The female villain kills any camper that doesn't like following the rules, and boy do we get treated to some great points. This film also includes a great ending, not quite as good as the first, but still quite good, and Pamela Springsteen rocks!

friday the 13th

1. Friday the 13th - The mother of all Camp Horror movies really outdid anything that came before or will come back again. A group of teens let a young boy drown and now his mother's out for revenge and the campers here don't even realize it. This gorey masterpiece is on the top 10 list of every single horror movie fan, and it's revered by all as one of the scariest and most poignant of horror films based around summer camp or not.

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