Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ghoulies II Review

Ghoulies II

Today, we get another review, but this review is yet again not so serious. It's not that I'm trying to screw over you, my 2 readers, it's just that I haven't been getting a lot of great "serious" horror lately. Plus, with no requests, no recommendations, and my schedule, I can't really get so serious. So today, I present to you a sequel, Ghoulies II. That's right, the second film in the Ghoulies quadrilogy. A little bit of trivia, did you know that Matthew Lillard's film debut was in Ghoulies 3? Yeah, that's the one where they went to college...sadly this horror comedy wasn't as good as the premise of Ghoulies III.

Before I get into the full review, or lack there of, here is the trailer for Ghoulies II:

Ghoulies II has a simple premise. There is a carnival that is being invaded by the Ghoulies! There's no more explanation to this, they are just there. Well, to be fair, a truck driver and his son show up at a gas station and the ghoulies go into the truck on their way to the next stop of the carnival.

The subplot of this film involves the owner of the carnival telling all the carnies that if they don't make money, they are through. So with the pressure on, the horror themed ride that our main characters run gets a special boost; the Ghoulies. The Ghoulies start terrorizing people that are visiting the ride, and things go downhill.

As the film progresses, the Ghoulies start to mop up and the main characters try to fight them off. Eventually they figure it out, and well we get the mother of all Ghoulies to end the film.

This movie is a notch above straight to dvd. The movie really lacks good acting, and to top it all off it's only pg-13. Despite many variations of the F-Word, the movie is not rated R and shows no major gore. The kills are cut out, hard edited, with little to no impact. This movie is terribly filmed, terribly acted, and stupid to most horror movie fans. This horror comedy is worst than the original, and looks like a parody of Gremlins or dare I mention Critters.

Check out Ghoulies II on dvd, if you must, however it's not that great. I don't recommend this film to everyone, but if you're big on the Mystery Science Theater style movie watching, you'll enjoy this one. You'll be making fun of all sorts of things in this film.

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