Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Horror Movies Released 8/4/09

Here you go, more movies that are coming out. Well, these are selected horror films that are coming out today and you can now purchase them via links here, or go to the store. I suggest the links, but hey, that's me.

Here are the horror, scifi, and a couple Anime films that came out today, another horror movie dvd release tuesday:

Alien Uprising DVD
Bakugan, Vol. 4: Heroes Rise DVD
The Beast (Special Extended Edition) BLU RAY DVD
Big Trouble in Little China BLU RAY DVD
Blade: Trinity BLU RAY DVD
The Chaos Experiment DVD
Cravings DVD
Gomorrah DVD
Gomorrah Blu Ray Dvd
Hot Blood Sundae DVD
Mutant Chronicles DVD
Nature's Grave DVD
Sakura Wars TV: Complete Collection Box Set
Samurai Deeper Kyo: The Complete Series
Slayers: Seasons 1-3 Box Set
Slices DVD
Trapped DVD
Wolfhound DVD
The Zombie Apocalypse DVD

Looking for grindhouse, horror, or sci-fi films? Please check out our amazon astore featuring all things horror. Don't trust astore? Check out amazon.com, surprisingly they have more grindhouse,horror,and rare sci-fi than you may not have thought possible.

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