Monday, August 10, 2009

The Collector Review

The Collector

This weekend I once again went to see a movie. The Collector was playing as so was another film that I wanted to see, but I settled for this one. The Collector is a movie from the guys that brought you Saw 4, 5 and 6, and I had some high hopes because I heard some good overall reviews for this film.

The Collector opens up with a problem. Our main character needs to save his family from financial turmoil, so he decides to rob the house that he was working on all week. It turns out that upon arriving to steal a rare jewel in the home, that someone is already there and the people in the house have been tied up. To make matters even more scary, the house is rigged with death traps, and there is a mysterious box in a closet that is rattling.

The movie has a duality issue. Does our main character deserve praise? He's a scumbag though! However, there is a masked man that is our major villain, like a throwback to slasher kings of the 80's. This movie goes from different tides, with more often than not pushing the gore elements and dare I say torture as a crux to move the plot. That being said, this movie is not based on torturing people, unless you mean mental anguish.

The movie progresses through some scary moments, and our main character wants to save the people at the house. Meanwhile the box, the box we discover has someone in it!

The movie is insane. The movie is well plotted, has some dark dark moments, and involves a lot of gore. The film is a classic throwback to formulas that made the 80's slasher genre so great. However, it mixes in a twist that is related to modern films that some might say are "torture porn", which I hate.

The movie is a good horror film, however, it suffers form nit picky moments. It is not without it's flaws, but it does measure up well enough to get praise. I liked it, and it was quite a good film in the horror genre. Now it's not going to win everyone, but it is gritty enough for me to enjoy it. Although, it is cliche at the end, and well...I am not sure if they are going to make this a franchise, it definitely has room for growth. I liked it.

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