Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Interesting Horror Movies Released 8/11/2009

This week in horror movie releases isn't the most exciting. I threw in some filler, I admit it. Hang in there with these links, pick something up and support this site. I want to grow it into a dot com but I need to raise funds to do so. Here are the horror movies released 8/11/2009, enjoy:

Alien Trespass DVD
The Crypt DVD
Dark Rising DVD
Devil in the Flesh DVD
Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid BLU RAY DVD BOX SET
The Last Resort DVD
Lone Wolf and Cub Collection 1 DVD
The Ninth Gate BLU RAY DVD
Replicant BLU RAY DVD
Spring of Life DVD
The Weekend Murders DVD
The Wild Man of the Navidad DVD

Don't worry, tomorrow I have a very special movie for review :).

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