Monday, August 17, 2009

The Washingtonians Review

The Washingtonians

The Washingtonians is part of the second season of Masters of Horror. This episode was directed by Master horror director, Peter Medak. This episode was based on a book by the same title, and was not a full length movie, therefore, I'm going to try to review it in non-traditional style, shorter than usual since I have only 1 hour to work with.

The Masters of Horror series is a showtime show that has produced a lot of mediocre stories, with a much better production value than Tales from The Crypt, and with the sting of The Twilight Zone at times.

The Washingtonians is a movie that is not too crazy. It takes a while to set up, and by the time it fully gets into the action, it crashes just as fast. With such a limited amount of time you have to set em up for a good three quarters of the time, only to finish it off fast with the ending and sub ending.

The plot revolves around a family that inherits their grandparents home. They find that in the basement there is an oil painting of George Washington, and after it falls over from their kid (who is afraid of everything) they discover a scroll. The scroll is a letter, and in it George Washington claims he eats children! A cannibal? Yep.

So the rest of the movie we slowly get introduced to those that call themselves The Washingtonians. They dress up in clothing like the 18th century and are cannibals just the same. The climax of the film ends up with the family being taken hostage and the Washingtonians showcasing their big feast featuring Human Flesh....and then...

Well you'll have to see it for yourself.

The Washingtonians is an interesting re-writing of history. It was kind of cool, it had a lot of camp humor and it fits the style of Masters of Horror. I recommend checking out Masters of Horror, as it is really like a modern "Tales from the Crypt" turned on more towards straight horror, opposed to simply comedic values.

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