Wednesday, May 20, 2009

RSVP Review

RSVP Review

I admit, not every movie that comes through my dvd player is actually worth talking about. But in due fairness, I give each one at least one view. This is a film that I found due to the fact that Jason Mewes (Jay and Silent Bob, Dogma, Clerks) was in, and thought it would be worth while. I should know better, but of course I didn't, and this movie was a terrible attempt at black humor and moreover horror. Some might say that this movie is something like "Rope" but it really isn't worth even considering the two films in the same genre. I wouldn't even recommend this one over the ill fated Ax'Em which is a horrendous horror film to watch. So before you go and rent this film on a night when you're bored, here is my attempt at reviewing the film R.S.V.P.

The movie revolves around a party, a nice little dinner party where the main guest is late. We are introduced to several different archetype characters ranging from the rich boy, the token black guy, the slut, the serious dude, and of course the stoner. Yeah, it's really not much of a motley crue of people that are at this party, and it's really not that good at all. While some of the actors seem somewhat competent, the rug gets pulled from under their abilities with the souring plot thickening element that is created by smoking weed.

The movie continues through some terrible moments, and the kills show no major gore. The gore is so toned down that this film is nothing more than a made for television special about why not to smoke marijuana. The highlight for me personally was Jason Mewes, but he just seemed to be playing Jay without Silent Bob and I really had a hard time agreeing with the decision to cast him in this film. The filmmakers are obviously trying to cash in on his name, and are really doing a poor job doing so. I didn't like that and don't think anyone else would necessarily like it either. However, what can you do?

R.S.V.P is a movie that is thankfully in the lower level bargain bin at your rental store, it's really a bad film and the only merit to this blog is that there is some serial killing subplot, and there's a few good twists, but the term is used loosely. I'm not going to bore you with anymore details, so watch this one at your own risk.

I know this film was meant to be comedic, but it tried to do horror and comedy and failed at both ends.

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