Friday, May 15, 2009

1959 Funny Horror Movie Cards

From 1959 comes a set of cards starring famous monsters with silly captions. These are vintage cards and were most likely traded as currency for neighborhood kids. I can't believe someone scanned these in, these are really cool. So today, since I'm out of town I decided to post a few of the 1959 horror movie cards, for your viewing pleasure. The back of each card had some jokes on them...and I have a few of those towards the end. I found these via "Beware there's a crossedeyed cyclops" which provides some great horror content amidst a lot of comic book stuff.

So here you go, a few of the large set of 1959 horror movie cards you can track down via ebay if you want. I'll be back to full schedule next week, I'll be out of town this weekend.

1959 Horror Cards

1959 horror

1959 scary

1959 horror cards 2

1959 horrors

1959 horro cards x


1959 horror1

1959 horrors

1959 horrific

back of page

back of horror

behind horror

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