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My Name is Bruce Review

My Name is Bruce

We ended last month with a couple of serious titles, and so for the beginning of this month we will start with a not so serious horror film, and it stars Bruce Campbell. The movie has an interesting premise, and it's nothing too serious. The movie involves Bruce, playing himself,showing up to a far off town to save the town from a demon God that has risen from the graves of several dead Chinese people that have been buried. The towns people are convinced that Bruce Campbell can save them, as he is usually the main character in a lot of films involving demons, and the likes.

Here is the trailer for My Name is Bruce:

The movie starts off quite well with a lot of good gore and decapitations. For horror movie fans this is nothing new, creating the same stylized action that is usually reserved for the openings for any Friday the 13th Sequels. You then get thrown into a story line which feels a bit jumbled together, but understandable.

We see Bruce Campbell on the set of another B movie, and his fans waiting outside of the studios and they get a mouth full of Bruce, with all sorts of one liners and inside jokes that only those who are fans would understand.

The movie progresses into a weird science fiction plot line with a vengeful monster who is protecting a grave site of Chinese miners. This monster is led by a Chinese loner, who looks like the guy from "Drunken Master". This section of the film doesn't really go over so well, as the monster is a combination of cg and a guy in a rubber suit. The whole film hinges on this as Bruce continues lay down random one liners to foreshadow the ending. As the people in the town become more and more enamored with Bruce, he keeps egging them on, eventually this leads to a confrontation with the monster, and we'll get off there for now.

Is My Name is Bruce Scary? : No. This movie wasn't meant to scare. It is really just a funny horror comedy. That being said, there are funny moments, but this isn't a laugh out loud adventure. The comedy seems a little forced at times, and I truly think I lost my love for Bruce Campbell during this film. He just seems to be coasting through this one, not even trying. That of course, could be the role he is playing, but overall this film just seems too much.

The film quality isn't all that great either, consisting of HD camera footage. The movie doesn't look all that good, and it's interesting to note that there is a Blu Ray version of My Name is Bruce, which can't possibly look better. I don't understand it, but I'll go with it, for the sake of the review. The movie panders to die hard Bruce Campbell fans, and really doesn't hold much more for anyone else. I guess that should be expected considering the title of the picture is My Name is Bruce.

The movie feels long winded, and it's not that long. The movie really is tired, and while I usually like Campbell, I didn't really like this movie all that much. I'm down for horror comedy, but those elements just seemed to be too much part of the subplot, which this film has many of. I'd recommend this movie to anyone that can't get enough of Bruce Campbell, otherwise you can live without seeing this one. Word on the street is that there will be another film called My Name is Still Bruce, and why not? This one seems to work out well. This was a nice departure for me, as it was less serious, and not really horror related as much as it was just another comedy with some science fiction elements added. I guess decapitation is horror, but not really, not unless there's some shock value, this film snuffs that out.

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  1. jervaise brooke hamsterDecember 9, 2010 at 9:22 AM

    This film was absolutely appalling, it was totally unwatchable from first frame to last, but guess what...thats guessed it...its still 100 times better than anything the British film industry has ever produced, just to put things into perspective once again.

  2. I liked it enough, I think it worked on a few levels. I wish you'd write an essay on how bad the British film industry truly is.


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