Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Panels From The Puppet Master Comic Book

Puppet Master #1

I know that this blog is mainly movie reviews. However, this week I ran into something rad for the Wednesday update, and wanted to share it with you guys. Some of you may or may not be familiar with The Puppet Master Series, and if you are not in the now, it's a really cool horror series.

The story revolves around a Puppet Maker who is making living puppets. Simple enough right? The scary parts begin when Nazis break down the doors of the puppe master's shop and start to terrorize the man, leading to a whole series of events and even a suicide....My simplistic analysis aside, you should really consider checking out the movies. I'll review them sooner than later, but for now...I wanted to share with you a few panels from the official Puppet Master Comic Book Adaptation of the movie. Just a few...nothing more nothing less...

Oh, these are not necessarily forming of a story just clips from the interior.

To view larger images, please click on the graphics and they will enlarge slightly.

Puppet Master Comic

Puppet Master Comic 2

This panel below was prefaced with a sex sequence of a somewhat graphic proportion and deemed it unfit for this blog...only because it had no killing in it...and that's what we're after...right? I kid. It did have a sex scene, but I skipped we begin moments after/during the sex scene below.

Puppet Master Comic 3

Puppet Master Comic Book 4

Comics Puppet Master

Don't call me lazy, it's not that. Netflix didn't send me a horror movie, instead they sent me 6 other films all in the realms of action, comedy, and documentary. I will receive a horror film sooner than later, and if not, you'll have to just bare with me. I try to review new movies or movies that I don't own, but if nothing comes through by Friday, I'll have to watch one of the many films I own, but I intend to use my own private stash for when I can't afford Netflix any longer, rendering them a last resort of sorts. I have another Comic Book update in the que if nothing shows up, or as a bonus for the near future. Enjoy these gorey, fun artistic renderings based on the films.

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