Wednesday, March 25, 2009

From The Mail Bag End of March Blues

Once again we are going to be diving into the mail box, or comments, for todays post. I'm trying to give a little back to you guys that read this site and support the blog by reading it. So here we go, another edition of From the MAIL BAG! WOOO!

Critic_101 said in regards to my post entitled Technical Difficulties Sorry post...

That is really unfair of Entrecard to do that to you. But from what I heard, apparently Entrecard is going to start shoving down advertisements down people's throats for their own profit. So maybe it's a good thing you left.

Yes. It was very unfair to get singled out on entrecard. Considering that they allow a lot of other spam sites in their network and to this day, haven't been removed, it's a wonder why I was targeted. Since then my traffic has dwindled and I really had to reconsider again why I still write on this site. This site is really a labor of love, I don't do it for the money, fame or success. In fact, those three things never happen on blogs, at least not blogs of this type, so I guess they are the ones that are losing, not me. Thanks for the comment, and keep coming back and reading, commenting and enjoying horror.

Anonymous said in regards to my Against the Dark Review...

Not a great movie. Was Steven even in this one; seems like he played a minor supporting part with minimal character development. It was a bad knock off of 28 days later. Very few redeeming qualities. I dare you to disagree.... "We are here to decide who lives and dies.......... I am going hunting.."

In some ways it was a knock off, but it was so terribly done that I didn't care. It's true, Steven was not a main focus of this film, he showed up every now and again, but he definitely wasn't involved as much as his other starring roles. He did a lot of back end stuff though, like production and what not, so maybe he's moving into a more behind the scenes roll in regards to film. I don't know. This wasn't that great, but it was watchable. Besides, what would you expect from this guy? At this point, he's not making a huge comeback.

Brian said in regards to my 976 Evil Review...

After taking most of the credit for the character, I'm surprised he hasn't legally changed his name to Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund. But the movie looks pretty good. I'll probably order it up from Amazon ($5 used).

You're right man, I can't believe Englund hasn't just changed his name, since he can't separate himself from the character that made him famous. The movie was interesting and for 5 bucks it's worth it. The second one is terrible, and Englund's career has never really bounced back from him playing that iconic character.

And that's it. Not too crazy, but then again, some of the comments weren't much to read or talk about. I'm currently working on more posts and watching movies, and am trying to make a go for it on this site as usual. We're reaching the end of the month so expect 1 more review, and then the best of post and the March horror movie releases post, and then a new month! We'll see how April goes, I have a busy month ahead of me. Stick around these parts and don't forget to leave a comment, recommendation or suggestion. Thanks again for all those that commented and read this site.

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