Friday, March 13, 2009

Technical Difficulties Sorry

Technical Difficulties

I never thought that I'd have this problem again. I've managed to run into some technical difficulties for todays review. Netflix sent me the next film I was going to review but it had a huge crack in the dvd. So I sent it back. I have the ROKU streaming box for Netflix but I had to review TNA Impact for my professional wrestling blog. So today there is no major update.

Oh but I do want to mention one thing really quick. I have been essentially banned from entrecard. They said this site was nothing more than a spam blog and instead of fighting them, I told them to delete my account. Screw them! I write a lot in this blog and while I do link to amazon a lot, I try to review the movies and ideas that are put out through horror. I hope this doesn't mean you hate this site, because it's not really meant to be a site that is for spam. I really try hard to write intelligently, and while I am not the greatest writer I try my best.

Trying doesn't mean that this site is good, but apparently the people at Entrecard thought I wasn't worthy for their service.

With the huge drop in traffic and new visitors, I have reinstated google adsense. It's not that I'm trying to get rich with this site, but I am trying to cover the cost of netflix with it. I don't know, I'm a little torn in regards to the whole advertising thing, but I think it's a fair balance considering the amount of content that I try to write per post.

I know, you might think it's not that hard to come up with these reviews, but cut me some slack. This site and those that have commented are awesome! (That means YOU) I appreciate the support, the rss subscribers, the commenters and all others that stumble on this site. Please continue to support this site and hopefully I don't have too many more days like this one.

I'll be back on Monday with an all new review! I'm trying my hardest to get things rolling without a huge break in reviews, but gets in the way sometimes. I know that the entrecard set back for me was huge, but moreover I've had to deal with some great new challenges at work, and that's frustrating to say the very least.

Stay tuned, I've got some good stuff brewing. Thanks again.

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  1. That is really unfair of Entrecard to do that to you. But from what I heard, apparently Entrecard is going to start shoving down advertisements down people's throats for their own profit. So maybe it's a good thing you left.

  2. It's alright, I've got more ideas brewing.


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