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REWIND: Thankskilling Review

Here's a blast from my Holiday Horror 2009 month, where all I reviewed was "holiday" themed horror movies. I might come back in December and do Holiday Horror 2010 but I'm not sure, I'd have to find a lot of new Christmas horror movies to review, so we'll see what happens.

Until Wednesday, here's a look back at Thankskilling!

Holiday Horror 2009

Thankskilling Poster

We start our journey through holiday horror with this film with a ridiculous name. The film is called, Thankskilling, and it’s all about the holidays. The opening of this film has two of the best things in horror movie lore that I love. Boobs and Gore, well it’s light on the gore, but it’s rad. You immediately get a topless woman running through the woods, and as soon as she is vulnerable, a foul mouth turkey chops her up with an axe! This is not your traditional scary movie!

The funny thing is about the movie, is the story that brought it to life. Apparently this film was funded with only 3500 dollars, and was made by two college students without major media roles or corporate hero’s joining in to throwdown some cash or ruin the project with what some might call “professionalism”.

In fact, the film feels like a television show that you might see in the late 90’s. The film quality and follow through is better than some of the straight to dvd and television movies that I’ve seen in the past. However, that’s not to say that this film is amazing, good, or anything like that. It has some good editing, and alright focus, but overall this film goes from good lighting/shots to terrible close ups. It swings back and forth, but it still seems somewhat better than say, “Axe Em” which was just horrendous. However, what “Axe Em” had was professional actor’s where this one seems to have “semi-pro” actors trying to make this somewhat watchable.

So what’s the plot? The plot is paper thin. A loud mouth, yes loud mouth, turkey is going around killing teenagers on Thanksgiving break. So if you mix say, Cabin Fever’s road trip like premise, with any slasher film out there, you’ve got Thankskilling.

Here's a quick trailer to give you enough action:

This movie is not really scary, it’s probably not meant to be, but it’s worth the novelty of “Holiday Horror” and should be seen as a traditional film to watch around this time of the year. There’s not much else to say about this film, this thing is poorly acted, but has enough of a cult quality to be seen at least once or twice.

Seriously, consider checking out Thankskilling for your holiday horror bash.

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  1. Such an admirable accomplishment from a technical standpoint...


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