Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wait Until Dark Review

wait until dark

The 1960's were a weird time for some. I wasn't alive yet, but when looking at old issues of Playboy, I often wish that women today had bodies of yesteryear...oh right, this is a horror movie blog.

The cycle of mainstream horror in the 1960's was nothing like it is today. So in order to even watch this film, I had to throw away all my preconceived notions of what scary movies should be.

Wait Until Dark tells the story of a young blind woman that is terrorized by thugs looking for drugs and money inside a safe in her home. That is truly the whole gimmick of this film, and has very few set changes. I'd later find out that this movie was based on a play, and that's the reason why this film feels a bit...i don't know...boring!

The movie is a really long winded piece of non sense. The only way this movie works is if you can totally shut off your brain to modernity. There are so many modern pitfalls to this film, but if you can get passed that. You'll get a cool thriller towards the end of the film. The scary part is when the lights go completely out, and the thugs terrorize Hepburn's character, only to be thwarted.

Hepburn isn't as hot as people say she was. She was acting well for a person that wasn't blind, but the pacing and overall reaching story just fell flat for me. There are some nice mood changers here with the lighting. However, without major gore, major climaxes, the final sequences are just not that great.

Don't get me wrong, I love older film, but this one is just not as "scary" as people say it is. Sure, there are some quality moments of tense psychological suspense, but the pay off is not brutal and just tiring.

I don't recommend Wait Until Dark unless you absolutely want to see an older "horror/thriller" film. I just couldn't get into it, and maybe that's just cause I'm an idiot. I do like the poster though.


  1. jervaise brooke hamsterNovember 3, 2010 at 3:53 PM

    I always liked the relationship she had with the young girl Gloria in this film (Julie Herrod) it was so sweet and charming, in fact the scene where they make-up after Gloria throws the pots and pans is one of the most magical mo-girl-ts in the history of cinema.

  2. jervaise brooke hamsterDecember 8, 2010 at 2:52 PM

    I want to bugger Audrey Hepburn (as she was in 1947 when she was 18, not as she is now obviously which is dead). By the way, of course Hepburn wasn`t hot any more when she appeared in this movie because by then she was 38 and there-fore by definition 20 years past the absolute pinnacle and peak of her physical attractiveness and desirability but like i said 20 years before in 1947 when she was 18...oh wow wow wow..what a bird.

  3. Ahaha, 1947? If we get a time machine me and you man, we're going back in time, and i'll be your look out while you bugger the chicks, i just want to go back and eat all the food, and poop on stuff

  4. Wait Until Dark didn't work much for me either. Yes, scenes shown in complete darkness still work. The cast is good too with a truly creepy Adam Arkin. But boy, why doesn't Hepburn's character just give the bad guys the darn doll?


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