Tuesday, May 4, 2010

REWIND: I Present Evil Ernie

Evil Ernie is a comic book character from Chaos Comics. I ran into some cool artwork that was so horror related that I couldn't pass up sharing it with you, my 2 readers left.

First though, I have to apologize at the amount or rather lack of amount of updates and reviews. I've been juggling a LOT of different things. I've been reading more for reviews that I'm now sponsored to right. I've been picked up by Random House publishing to be a reviewer, unpaid for now, but it's nice to get free books. I'm also juggling more freelance work, because I need to pay off my debts which are immense. Plus, amazon affiliate links don't pay me very well at all. In fact, no one buys anything.

So today, I was going to get "Frankenhood" reviewed, but I didn't get it in the mail yet. Sometimes the USPS dictates how far I can review, so for Friday I'm hoping to get that reviewed for you guys.

In the meantime, I got these screens from Evil Ernie, and they are large photos, click on them for detail. Evil Ernie is like Slash from Guns N Roses mixed with Eddie from Iron Maiden, which is rad. Click the images to get bigger versions, and please support me by sticking around.

I Present Evil Ernie

I Present Evil Ernie 2

I Present Evil Ernie 3

I Present Evil Ernie 4

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