Friday, May 14, 2010

From The Mail Bag Mid May 2010 Edition

We are around half way through the month of May, and I've received quite a few comments, and wanted to use this forum to respond and say thank you to anyone that is leaving comments. I still have no job, and I still am watching horror whenever I can.

Angie said in regards to my Idle Hands Review:

Idle Hands is one of my faves! And now I'm curious about Population 436 so I'll have to look for it :)

Idle Hands was definitely a better movie than most people give it credit. I thought, if nothing else, it flowed easily through horror and comedy, without ditching either genre. As for Population 436? Well, that's hit and miss depending on who you are. I thought it had some seriously creepy "Twilight Zone" elements, and live in a small town, so it kind of sends chills up my spine.

Creepy said in regards to my post The Omen: 666 Review:

The only creepy thing about this movie was the cover.

Creepy, you're probably right. There wasn't enough sum of creepy moments to make the whole move that great. However, it had some great horror elements, if only flashes, to make it a little better than some of the other films I've reviewed.

Anonymous said in regards to my Pumpkinhead Review:

Pumpkinhead is VERY B-movie, but it's actually very interesting, at least to me. You have to consider the love of a father, and what he would do for his son. Then you have to think about how evil/scary Pumpkinhead must be for the father to have someone call him back.

This is definitely the best in the franchise. I can't believe they made sequels to this film. It has a relatively good revenge plot and some serious emotion for a B-Movie. I liked it. I saw it as a kid and loved it, and to this day, enjoy it quite nicely.

Anonymous said in regards to my post, The Gingerdead Man Review:


Yes. I hear you, yes. There's a sequel too....yep.

willy jerk-off said in regards to my Peacock Review:

I want to bugger Ellen Page.

I'd have to agree with you on that note. She's not half bad.

willy jerk-off also said in regards to my post, The Craft Review:

I want to bugger all the gorgeous young girls in this movie (as they were at the time it was made, not as they are now obviously).

I hear ya man, I hear ya. I wish I had a shot...but nope...not even close.

Well folks, that's the end of this mid-month mail bag. I have been fortunate enough to be able to watch a few horror movies, despite the fact that I'm broke, have no job prospects and am not sure how I survive. But that's neither here nor there, enjoy the site, give me some suggestions, and I'll keep on keeping on.

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